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    My AIEEE rank is 1393 under open category.

    My NATA score is 96. I’ve been alloted a seat in NIT raipur.How good is it?

    And my rank in comedk merit list is 142. Should i opt for an arch college in Bangalore or go for NIT Riapur?

    Please reply fast..


    I got in NIT college with arch.

    My AIR rank is 5439. Can i get in SPA in 4th councling?


    I can’t comment about those two but it’s better if you select SPA. If you really want to be in NIT then opt for either Calicut or Trichy.

    There is still a chance.

    Drawing can be learnt. And since you are interested in architecture that won’t be much of a problem. As for maths just keep in mind that it IS important.



    I wanted to know about the hostel and college facilities of SPA in a little more detail.

    Anybody who studies there?

    And also about the courses offered by SPA.


    To the 1st year students the hostel is at planning campus for girls.

    Courses are for barch students one is architecture and the other is planning.


    I’m in 12th this year.

    And want to join either SPA orJ.J.

    So are there any previous year papers or corresponding courses available for it?

    Let me know at


    hey guyz i’m confused between cca and sushant school of art and design… can nyone plzz solve my confusion and tell me which of the two is better??



      I have received an offer from SAP,Chennai and also Oxford Brookes University,United Kingdom. Which one do you think is better?


    I got seat confirmed Faculty of Architecture, G.B.T.U., Lucknow formerly Known as Lucknow College of Architecture Or Government College Of Architecture, Lucknow i wanted to know is it a good college?
    I live in delhi and i’ll be leaving my home for next 5 years to come i was getting USAP GGS IP University but i didn’t go there cause its not established much where as Lucknow one is a old Government College. I just wanted to know if i made the right choice? i dont wanna regret this in future even my dad said u should have opted for USAP since its in delhi. Am confused totally. Please Help!


    hena tiwari

     hey i think v need to tell dat archi. is nt a plac 4 fun n v evn do wrk wit g88t zeal n enthusiasm.. its jus nt limitd to puttin lines horizontally or  vrtically on apiece of  papr lyk ppl say.. so i think non- architcts shud b wlcumd so dt dey cn knw v r d DOCTORS of d bldg dey dewll in…:)

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