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    Hey guys I live in Delhi and am aspiring for B.Arch.

    But i don’t wanna study in Delhi further.

    What should i do? What can be a better idea, where should i go?


    In my opinion SPA’s are far more better than the NIT’s because NIT’s are for engineering basically so the administration don’t give much response to the arch’s students.


    Yup…  SPA is best brother.

    Now two new more SPA’s in India. One at Bhopal other in Vijayawada (this one is directly under SPA Delhi)

    Well CEPT, Ahemdabad is also good.


    Well….. I was hoping that my wish to get into CEPT would take form. Being an Out-State candidate, chances are bleak. And yes, I missed a seat in the Insti by 2 ranks. I just feel CEPT, and not just CEPT but all the other institutions in Gujarat must be a little more considerate towards other state candidates who end up getting much better weightages than even the top rankers within Gujarat State. It won’t cause much harm if you’re a bit more welcoming to your neighbours would it? I’d suggest that they raise the number of general category seats from 2 to at least 4 or 6. Thats definitely something that can be done. They’re just way too biased to Guj. candidates, allocating them 36 seats just like that. Where will there be diversity in a class which has a whole lot of Guj. students and just 2-3 out-state students? Please Guj. Govt. change your rules if you want to bring up the standards in performance!


    Yup i totally agree with the above comment.

    Colleges in Gujarat are too biased to Gujarat students which is absolutely weak for the courses like architecture as it requires diversity of minds and structural ideas from the people from other state as well.

    Thats why AIEEE colleges are better than these state colleges.


    Yo ratna…

    You ever visited our campus? If by-mistake you visit, come out to our department.

    I am more than hopeful that you will change ur opinion.

    And if u have been in this field for more than 10-15 yrs, you would know that many of the major profit making architecture firms, you will find them founded by IIT kharagpur Alumni… hehe

    I don’t redicule SPA at all, there perspective is much different from ours.

    But IITs have created much better professionals and many more successful architecture firms with less than one tenth of SPA’s population (our batch is only 12) and guess what our motto is never to explain it to anyone.

    Actions are equivalent to hundred words.

    And don’t state NASA(which by the way,we are one of the founding fathers) you can’t even imagine our schedule and level of exposure..

    Anywayz have fun and plz be rude.

    Its fun to redicule….hehe


    Dear thumu2u,

    Thats exactly the diffarence i was talking about.

    You completely look at it in a diffarent way.

    So you are happy for your commercial success rate, and we are happy for our work.

    So simple.

    You explained my arguments yourself.



    The previous batch of SPA (VJY) said that their classes were good.

    I got admission in SPA Vijayawada so can I get that triangular logo?



    The SPA badge itself will get you a better options later on also  . . .

    VJY has been having good response . 

    In fact this year people have opted more for SPA’s than in NIT’s which wasn’t the trend last year (I’m talking about the 2 new ones)

    Also do take planning courses in SPA cause they always have vacancies each year due to drop outs who shift due to better options in engg. courses . . 

    So they move B.plann students to B.arch 

    So any course in any SPA is worth taking up.

    All the Best!


    Hello everyone,

    This is new person on this site and wants your help.

    Me not very good at drawing but very much interested in architecture, does little knowledge about drawing skill makes a big difference? Is the level of maths as high as IIT-JEE.

    Just help me out….

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