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    I wanna know which college is the best which offers undergraduate course in Architecture….plz help me


    Don’t know about India. But it’s sure that the best college for Architecture in United Kingdom is "University of Cambridge". I think it’s the world’s best.

    And in United States the best college for Architecture is "Columbia University" and "Princeton University". Harvard University and Yale University are next on line.

    In India I suppose it’s SPA….

    SPA = School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi?

    Are you guys from SPA?


    Yes in India it’s School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi also known as SPA. It is also one the best Architecture College in Asia.

    To get admission in SPA Undergraduate program you have to appear for AIEEE-Architecture (All India Engineering Entrance Examination for Architecture). Top 150 ranks get through to SPA.


    People having a

    <—— "Traingular logo" are from SPA.

    Hope this helps you.


    Glad to know that you guys are from one of the best Architecture college in Asia.

    That’s why you people are doing so well in projects. I’m glad to be here at Archinomy.



    Rohit .. could you please tell me the minimum marks that one needs to score in AIEEE paper -2 to get into SPA .


    Dear Rohit,

    Please could you tell me what are the minimum marks required to secure above 150 rank in AIEEE . This year maths section was bit tough so could you tell me what are the other good architecture colleges in India apart from SPA. Colud you also tell me what is the admission procedure for JJ College of Architecture if you know. Please tell me it would be of great assistance to me.




    Dear siddharth,

    There is nothing as minimum marks which are required…it highly depends on the difficulty of the paper…if more tough questions are asked it will surely go dont be tensed…and best of luck for your results..

    I am very sorry that i dont know the admission procedure…but you can post a new forum topic asking people for the procedure…some jj guy will correspond to you as people here believe in sharing information…smile


    Dude believe me cept(center for enviornment plannning) is the best school in the country and amongst the best in world as well ( i dont hail from this school so please dont make it an immature personal argument as above ) the beauty of cept is that it has a school of thaught as shared by other great institutes like bauhaus there are some excellent faculties there with a sprawling meticulous campus . also a lot of exchange progrrames are availaible which can see you going on a free trip to europe the exposure is great during this period…………………. it truly is one of the finest schools of architecture and as for entrance all schools of architecture have to now onwards compulsarly accept students thorugh a common admission test in architecture called nata


    I think CEPT is the best in India followed by CCA and Sushant School of Art and Architecture.

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