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    Hi guys,

    If any one of you studying in SPA Delhi, then plz let me know.

    I have lots of questions regarding ur college, i am going to take admission over there, so plz help me tackle those issues, mail me at
    or here too.

    Plz guys help me…


    I got 161 in AIEEE 09.

    And i’m trying for CEPT or SPA or J.J.

    I am from physically handicap category so can i get admissons anywhere amongst these or are there any other good colleges?



    I got AIR 590 in AIEEE this year.

    I might get a seat in the NITs. Can anyone tell me which NIT is better?


    Hey guys. . 

    My AIEEE rank is 991 all india . . And 754 in general category, so could someone tell me what chances I have in AIEEE into a good college.

    Also my NATA score is 110 , Please tell me if it is good enough (if so for which college).

    Is Sushant School of Art and Architecture good ?


    I have an AIEEE AIR of 534. My 1st preference is SPA, Delhi.

    Wat should be my 2nd pref., the NIT’s or the SPA’s?

    And which NIT is better. Trichy or Calicut?

    Plz do rply.

    vicky paul

    Hey! Its Vicky,

    I have got AIR-1142 (OBC category) &5333 (overall) in AIEEE this year.

    Can i hope to get any NIT or SPA?

    Please help me out.

    I know i am a bit late to ask this all, but still i have not appeared for NATA.

    Can i face NATA in july?

    vicky paul

    Anybody please tell me can i get any good college with my AIR-5333 for architecture?

    Plz help me out!



    Hey i think the two new SPA are damn good.

    Especially SPA Vijaywada as it has loads of visiting faculties cming from SPA Delhi as well.

    I think its ranking is going to be quite above this year.


    Contact directly. I don’t think there is any need of test for foreign nationals.


    No dont join Vastukala.

    Try for better institutions through NATA etc.

    You will deffinitely get it.

    Lock it in online coucelling and come to delhi for admission on given date. I think 12th to 18th.

    No not in open catagory. There are no state quotas.

    But you get engineering oriented architecture from IIT’s.

    Not the best in architecture.

    I cleared IIT but opted for SPA, Delhi.

    No, its crap with nothing there.

    Sorry to be rude..

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 80 total)
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