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    Does any one have any idea about College of Engineering, Trivandrum.

    As they also have architecture and i have heard its good.

    Plz advice.


    I got AI-rank 1648 and Delhi Rank 145.Do i stand a chance to get through SPA?

    Plz help..


    Hey, I know that SPA Delhi is the best for B.Arch.

    But among NIT’s which is the best ?



    My stare rank is 241 and All India Rank is 9668 in AIEEE 2009.

    SPA is a distant dream i know, can i get admission in a good architecture college?

    Plz help me.


    I am aspiring for B.arch.

    Have scored 85/200 in NATA nd 81.5% in ISC board.

    I have applied to IP university for SUSHANT COLLEGE. Will i be able to get the college with those marks?

    And hows IDEA, Goa? I know nothing can be compared with SPA but is it good enough?

    Plss help.


    Hi guys,

    I got AIR rank 994 in architecture, and i was thinking of taking admission in SPA Delhi.

    I just wanted to know that whether it is a good college, although everywhere i found that its the best college of arch in India, but i wanted to know from you guys, is it hard to study there?

    I mean is architecture good? Actually i am very confused about taking admission in SPA, thats why i just wanted to ask you guys, after all you are the best ones who can give me suggestion..

    Rank Name of Institute City Score
    1 IIT Kharagpur 644
    2 Sir JJ College of Architecture Mumbai 432
    3 School of Planning & Architecture Delhi 324
    4 IIT Roorkee 320
    5 Academy of Architecture Mumbai 260

    Thats what outlook is saying. Listen it doesn’t matter which college you come from.

    It matters how u work in that college…


    Yoo Thumu!

    Good work …..

    In all their discussion people have forgotten about IIT kharagpur and IIT Rorkee, I think its just because its not through AIEEE.

    But I would like to tell the Architecture aspirants, if you really want to be an Architect.

    Why settle for the second best – go for JEE, crack it and get into IIT.

    One of the World’s most premiere institute, and a completely different experience in itself.

    BE THE BEST…… 🙂



    Can any one tell me about NIT Jaipur or Bhopal?


    How is SPA Bhopal??

Viewing 10 posts - 41 through 50 (of 80 total)
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