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    Member all india AIEEE B.arch rank is 1686 (general) and state rank 22 (haryana)

    Could any1 plz plz tell me which college i can get???

    Plz help!!


    my eee b arch rank 909(AIR general) which college can i get?
    plz reply or mail me at


    my aieee rank is 5821  (open category)  can i get in to any nit


    Hie I got 179 score in AIEEE B. Arch and my AIR overall category is 15323 and general category rank is 10664 . My Assam State Rank in overall category is 240 and general category is 138. So what are my chances of getting through? And which likely college am I supposed to get, if any? Please reply. 



    I got 136 marks in B.arch AIEEE. My general ranks in AIR and State(haryana) are 36072 and 998 respectively..

    My OBC rank in AIR and State(haryana) are 8690 and 157 resp.

    Please tell me if I am eligible for any B.arch college..Please I’m in urgent need…too worried about it..


    Hello everyone,

    You can have a good chance of getting into SPA if your ranks are around 500. I don’t know about other colleges. I think suggestions from last year’s students will be more helpful.

    Best of luck to all and have a great time where-ever you "land". smiley


    does any one know why spa bhopal and vijayawada r not recognised by council of architecture?

    is it possible to praactise in india without COA registration?


    hi… m shonali and wanted to know that if i don’t get spa delhi through aieee…but hav a chance of getin spa should i join that..

    how is spa bhopal…plz reply me soon…thanku shonali


    hi,can u pls tell what exactly shud i study for the aieee exam to score well??

    what books should i study for aptitude n maths?


    can anyone tell me how z ayojan college jaipur???placement??

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 12 total)
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