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    Hi, just found this site and it looks realy intresting so i thought i would sign up and watch it grow, anyway is there any members who work in construction?

    I am a carpenter & joiner i work for a company in England called Bellway homes. Is there any one else who works in the new build housing industry?



    We hope that you will get good support from the members here at archinomy.

    This community is generally made for architects and architecture students, but their work can never be completed without the help from you guys.

    We are glad to have you as a member in this community. 


    Yeah i have to agree with you there, if the architect and the construction staff can not work as one the whole project could fail.

    Roope Niz

    We help each other, to work well.


    Hey Ross,

    Good to have you at Archinomy.

    I was wondering if you have some material reguarding the current const. techniques employed thesedays. If you do, you are welcome to share it with us as it will be of great benifit to us.


    Hey, I am from SPA Jntu Hyderabad… Its nice joining you people…

    I actually want loads of info. about architecture hope i get it here…i need you people to help me to know more about architecture and its detailing.

    I am already a student but when we share our knowledge i guess we know more about it so just wanna know more about it..

    So guys i hope i get that help from you people…



    Rightly said… Spreading knowledge only increases it..We are always here for giving (and asking) support..

    Welcome to this community.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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