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    Hi,m done with the Aieee paper2…and im expecting my marks to be around 250 or so. What rank can I expect and what colleges can I get at this score?

    Also,I’ve cleared nata with a score of 99 and my 12th % is 75. Do i have any hope with this??


    I can’t comment anything on this as the paper is based on a comparative evaluation. If the paper is easy, its easy for all.

    Anyways, best of luck Anukriti for your results.


    the paper of 2010 was of 414 marks…

    the maths side was tuff

    in aptitude i am getting 45 correct that makes around 180 aptitude…

    maths was okk okk…ans so was drawing..

    any idea of getting SPA??

    and rohit which are other best colleges after SPA??



    I think SPA will be possible if you are getting good marks.

    Apart from SPA, other good colleges are:

    • Sir J.J College of Architecture, Mumbai
    • CEPT, Ahmedabad
    • SAP, Chennai
    • CCA, Chandigarh
    • RIZVI, Mumbai

    Above list isn’t sorted in "best >> better >> good" order and also I am not interested to do that because there is no absolute answer to this silly question "Which is the best architecture college??"..

    Anyways, please refer to this thread : Best Architecture College in India

    A lot of discussions on this topic has already been done before. I think it might help.



    but spa delhi is having some sort of problems going on..no??


    Yes Anukriti… There is some "COA matter" going on now in SPA, New Delhi.

    COA commitee has denied to give its certification to the new pass-outs from year 2012. It means only those students who will pass out till year 2011 will get COA certification.

    In my opinion, this decision by COA is temporary as they have found SPA to lack in some sort of basic infrastructure (god knows what infrastructure??)… And I think that they will change their decision in near future. But the students who will pass in the years "between" will be deprived of COA recognition.

    The thing about COA changing its decision is totally based on my assumption, who knows if COA doesn’t…


     Hey Rohit does that mean that the B.planning courses are also not recognised by COA???

    Actually i am thinking of joining B.planning at SPA….

    Can u plz help me regarding this matter?



     whts ur aieee rank? and ya planning is good

    me myself doing architecture from SPA bhopal


     My AIR is 720. M getting planning at SPA delhi as of last 2 years’ cutoffs….

    @bye_abhi…. thanks! But like the archi degree is recognised with COA, what about the planning

    degree? Like NOSPLAN (National Organisation of Students of Planning) or sumthing lyk that? 


      I have received an offer from SAP,Chennai and also Oxford Brookes University,United Kingdom. Which one do you think is better?


    Also i believe the best in Chennai for Architecture is Measi Academy of Architecture

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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