Are we ahead of BLODDY engineers?

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    haha…nice joke amey..

    sakshi kh

    I think there is just no point in comparing architects and enginerrs . They are people working on different planes and wavelengths. What’s the idea of doing a comparison like this….and YES…..a building is always a collaborative effort of an architect – who dreams and the engineeer – who makes it happen in most cases…….

    Roope Niz

    It’s not about dreams. It’s not the architect who dreams. If was in that way, there won’t have Architecture’s Faculties. There’re reasons for projects, intentions. I think are both great jobs and works, and complete each other.


    Good point deepak…

    This dude is modest till his skeleton…

    Well… i disagree with u reguarding the importance of a labour being equal to that of a king, but the rest which you said is fine…

    Good work deepak… Bravo…


    Well we are also engineers…

    We are BE Architecture…


    Why compare at all. Lemme start a new discussion. Who is ahead sweepers or gardeners? Both are living out their dreams. And all the comments about architects dreaming, engineers dream too. Comparisions lead nowhere, just like this stupid debate. 

    Hey man u gotta respect all labour and jobs. Its part of your duty as an architect.


    Dude, arch means cheif or head so there is no doubt we are first person. We can’t say they are small . If we are petrol then they are wheel of a vehicle. So don’t compare.

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)
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