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     anyone on BUS STATION


     hi friend


    i m also opting for International Cruise Terminal 

    anyone have any information plz let me know 

    and i will be grateful to u guys

              Sameer Ansari


    Hey guys!

    I am planning to work on Emotional Space Design, space for leisure in Urban context.

    Any one with info regarding this topic, pls text back.

    My other options being, Heritage Hotel !!

    I would like to know if anyone has got news on any kind of live projects for the above mentioned.



     hey im planning to take slum redvlopment project with commercial hub….can aneone suggest m is ds topic ok???????plz guys.need help…….


    hello everyone

    this is sana . i’m a new member at this site.

    i want to be an architect i scored 80.2 % in cbse boards. i’ve given nata nd scored 98 . i’m thinking to give it a second try . i know i can do better. can anyone suggest me about it . i also want to know abt best architectural colleges in india. as cept has only 2 seats from nata . i kno i lost it..

    can anyone help me giving further ideas.. nd suggesting if i should give nata again???


    Everybody kindly submit your views on the topic  TRUCK TERMINAL



     hey…thnk u so mch dt provides wd a lot of options bt i ws wondrng if nebody has any idea about any proposed high court somewhr?? mayb around agartala, altho m nt sure…i really wnt2wrk on high court fr my thesis bt v need a live/proposed projct…cn sm1 hlp??


     GUYZ  my thesis topic is TOURIST RECEPTION CENTRE..can you help me whr should i go 4 case study…as i cant find ny tourist reception centre in india….cheerzz…


      hey i am going to design Indian embassy in islamabad Pakistan as my thesis project.

    can anyone help me in literature as wall as in case study??

    my email :


     hi ,

        i am marina ,and at present m in final year b.arch ….i am not able to select my seminar topic .., so can any one suggest some good topics…


    i am thinking on " comparision between the squares of two cities" but i don’t know how to proceed further if any body can guide me …il be very thankful..

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 58 total)
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