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    hey Vaiz

    will u help me for my thesis and next time when u online u tell me ur next to next online timing



    wishing that u will help me



    hiii…. m too planning to do my thesis on net zero building.. wanted to do recreational skyscraper bt cant find any proposed site in india… can u help me out with one?  one other option was science city,,. which has huge opportunity in terms of zero energy too…



    here ,… I mentioned in previous post that i am gonna do my thesis on low cost housing.. but now i think i am not gonna do that, i am pretty happy with another topic which i thought of is ( Islamic Madrasa) or (Islamic School). any idea for this guys !


    @ abraham , m also doing 1 same project on tourist centre in hampi..,karnataka .

    if any1 has any idea on wht a tourist centre should hav or anyother information then plz reply….

    if u hav any pics of ur model regarding it or any information then plz mail me 8


    hi… im also planning to do same project. whr ll u do case study?  any case studies in india?


    My thesis is related to climate responsive architecture, where basically i’m concentrating on the semi-open spaces the "buffers" ( courtyards , Verandahs , etc…) in vernacular architecture, and how does it respond to the internal balancing of the temperature according to different climatic conditions…

    its quite interesting as a topic for thesis, and its quite vast as well ..


    Lameez pm

    hai… planning to do thesis on proposed science city at thrissur…if anyone has any information regarding diz pls mail me….


    hi….  m doin a project on marina nd yacht club….

    ne info abt case studies in india…..

    plz lemme knw….


    Hi.. i m doing project on Energy Efficient Dairy Farm with integrated Milk Processing Dairy Building in nagpur.

    Were can i get case studies in india?  



    for the people who want a case study regarding TOURIST/VISITOR centre can go to Aurivulle for their case study…theres this AUROVILLE VISITORS CENTRE . its a popular and pleasant place for the Tourists there. its also well known for its architecture and energy saving construction material. for further help, therez this book – ”auroville architecture : towards new forms for a new consciousness”..

    i hope it helps.


    well…for my THESIS  : i need a case study for the REDEVELOPMENT AROUND AROUND METRO STATION AND MRTS CORRIDOR….plz guys., any kind of information, drawings, photos is welcomed.

    plz mail me the or leave a message at :

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