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    Hey every college is new at once and the infrastructure development takes time.

    But being a student i can say curriculum of all SPAs is same which is quite better than NIT cirriculum for sure.

    And you must see this year CCB councelling miss ‘shorbana’ to determine urself whose the best.

    And how many people agree with me……



    I’m not sure whether this is the time to ask but i have to make a decision between planning in SPA Delhi and Comp Sc. (engg.) at HBTI Kanpur.

    What should i opt for, considering i’m interested in both fields?

    I’m actually more inclined towards SPA, hard to convince parents though.

    Can anyone tell me about the placements and job profile? Any help would be welcome.



     Hi, every buddy………I want to ask that,  IITs r better then SPAs ????? because I am preparing for JEE thinking that there is course for architecture in IIT Khadakpur & one more thing that, do I require to joint any classes for exams of SPAs & for NATA test. & I can get seat for architecture in SPAs on the basis of AIEEE ranking?????  please help me…..


      I have received an offer from SAP,Chennai and also Oxford Brookes University,United Kingdom. Which one do you think is better?


    How important is a B.Arch degree from India?

    Many people tell that its better to do Bachelors in India, true or false?

Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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