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    Is it better to join any of the NITs or SPA for architecture?


    What about the NIT’s??


    I have an AIEEE AIR of 534. My 1st preference is SPA, Delhi.

    What should be my 2nd pref., the NITs or the SPAs??

    And which NIT is better, Trichy or Calicut????

    Plz do rply.


    Hi Abhishek,

    First, congrats on your result..at this stage, you have a bit fair chance of getting into SPA Delhi. even if it is for planning and you want to go for architecture, get into SPA Delhi, because internal upgradations do happen in every college. if not that, please opt for NIT’s. all i can say is SPA bhopal is a new college. Choose NIT bhopal anyday before SPA bhopal because the faculty is more experienced over there.

    If you have no issues regarding distance of the place from your home town, then you can choose NIT trichy. being from one of the nit’s i can say this is one of the best amongst them.

    Riny Sharma

    PLZ GUIDE ME………….

    What is the difference between architecture and planning?At my rank MAYBE there is a chance that I may not get architecture but Planning (at NIT Bhopal)So if I don’t get B.Arch. should I opt for B.Planning?

    What are the job opportunities after doing B.Planning?

    Are these jobs well paid?

    Can I get architecture in NIT bhopal after taking Planning through internal upgradations at a later stage?

    How positive are the chances for internal upgradations?



    Hey Riny,
    You surely got a lot of questions. First and foremost, architecture is the core branch that teaches you how to design buildings, while planning is the field where you are taught how to deal with designing cities. This, i am explaining it to you in the most layman terms.

    Next, yes you can opt for B.planning, however, dont think it is a grade lesser course than architecture, both are important and good careers in their own way.

    Talking about jobs, as long as there are buildings being built and cities being founded, there are jobs for architects and planners. However, in this field there is no such mechanism as placement system at work. If at the end of the course, you are talented for the architect, you shall be picked. About the pay, i can assure you that the initial years are a bit of a struggle but eventually it is a very well paid job.

    Internal upgradations do take place in NIT bhopal which depends on vacancy, which are usually there for a lot many people do change their minds after joining the course.

    And finally, relax, and enjoy the process. and of course, all the best for counselling.

    Riny Sharma

    Thanx Shrobona!

    You have really reduced my tensions considerably!

    However I may still need your guidance in near future.

    So plz bear with me!!


    No problem.

    Thats what this forum topic is for 😀


    SPAs are far more better than any NIT.

    Being it Delhi, Vijaywada or Bhopal, among NITs Trichy is the best…


    SPAs are far more better than any NIT.

    Being it Delhi, Vijaywada or Bhopal, among NITs Trichy is the best…

    Ofcourse ‘var‘. You know the ‘best’.

    However the definition of ‘far more better’ differs from person to person.

    And about SPA Bhopal v/s NIT Bhopal, i am talking after watching both of them.

    But then, you know the ‘best’.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 14 total)
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