Yo ratna… You ever


Yo ratna…

You ever visited our campus? If by-mistake you visit, come out to our department.

I am more than hopeful that you will change ur opinion.

And if u have been in this field for more than 10-15 yrs, you would know that many of the major profit making architecture firms, you will find them founded by IIT kharagpur Alumni… hehe

I don’t redicule SPA at all, there perspective is much different from ours.

But IITs have created much better professionals and many more successful architecture firms with less than one tenth of SPA’s population (our batch is only 12) and guess what our motto is never to explain it to anyone.

Actions are equivalent to hundred words.

And don’t state NASA(which by the way,we are one of the founding fathers) you can’t even imagine our schedule and level of exposure..

Anywayz have fun and plz be rude.

Its fun to redicule….hehe