Well….. I was hoping that


Well….. I was hoping that my wish to get into CEPT would take form. Being an Out-State candidate, chances are bleak. And yes, I missed a seat in the Insti by 2 ranks. I just feel CEPT, and not just CEPT but all the other institutions in Gujarat must be a little more considerate towards other state candidates who end up getting much better weightages than even the top rankers within Gujarat State. It won’t cause much harm if you’re a bit more welcoming to your neighbours would it? I’d suggest that they raise the number of general category seats from 2 to at least 4 or 6. Thats definitely something that can be done. They’re just way too biased to Guj. candidates, allocating them 36 seats just like that. Where will there be diversity in a class which has a whole lot of Guj. students and just 2-3 out-state students? Please Guj. Govt. change your rules if you want to bring up the standards in performance!