8 Interesting Home Renovation Ideas – How To Do It Right

No matter how much we love our homes, there are times we feel that revamping them is a way to love it even more. Since our homes are one of the biggest sponsors of our genuine happiness, it’s okay to make them habitable to our desires.

Whether you choose to add in a significant change or a small one, there are few things you can do or add to a house to change the entire settings. To top it all off, the home renovations ideas we listed below will not cause you to empty your entire savings or break the bank either.

1. Touch Up The Exterior

Most times, there might be nothing wrong with the interior settings of your house, but the exterior might give out the vibe that there is something wrong with the entire scene. Changing your home’s exterior look first is okay before taking a gigantic leap of a massive renovation.

Especially if you still feel something is missing after changing the interior look. There are tons of ways you can change the outside of your home. These are planting beautiful flowers, tidying up the lawn, creating a beautiful space outside where you build lots of happy and fun memories with families and friends.

2. Eliminate Bad Lighting

Interior bad lighting messes up the house, especially when it’s a darker, unmatched solemn lightening. This does not mean that using dimmer lighting in your home is terrible, but sometimes bright lighting brings out the house’s hidden beauty.

One place you need to improve the lighting in your house is the entryway. As this is the first place you walk into, make it welcoming for both you and your visitors. Here is an in-depth explanation by Houzz on how to lighten your home the right way.

3. Better Entryway

Still, on touching up the entryway of your home, aside from lighting, there are better ways to face-lift this area. And this does not stop you from only putting on a good lightening. If your entrance is bare, there is every chance you are missing out. You can start by placing a mirror at the opening of the doorway. The mirror doesn’t have to be plain; you can go for one that has an artistic design at the edges.

Also, it doesn’t have to be vertical; instead, go for a round-shaped size. Besides the mirror, another thing you can add to your entry arena is a low-size bench with an alternative place to place your footwear.

You can also install a wainscot and beautiful home flower to give it an exciting touch of style and something for your visitors to always talk about. However, if you are the type that likes things super simple, you can always choose not to put anything in your entrance; that is still fine.

4. Go For A Better Color

Colors are everything in homes, and therefore it is always advised you should use it to the fullest. Whether you go for the brightest color, natural or dimmer ones, the choice is yours. However, the best way to get the most out of your home through color is to go for the one that suits your personality perfectly and makes you relaxed because, after all the daily chaos, home is where you go to find peace.

If you are not into different color patterns, you can always go for white or light grey because of its mild effect. Besides that, you can continuously optimize Vastu Shastra’s color choice direction, which suggests that the colors one paints at home should be directed to the homeowner’s birth date.

5. An Organized Living Room

The best remodel you can give any living room is to make it less cluttered. We might often want to go way broad and throw in some designs that may end up sophisticating the room, making it less breathable.

Few designs or items in the living room are perfect for bringing out the splendor, and so should it be in every room in the house. Therefore, remember in remodeling or renovating a home, less is always more.

6. The Perfect Bedroom Setting

When renovating the bedrooms, pay maximum attention to the way you put things. It is because the bedroom is where we sleep and find rest, therefore; it has a significant contribution to our mental health.

Though attention should be given to the kitchen and the dining room because these are the places we share love, the bedroom should be given upper attention. Similar to the living room, the bedroom should be less cluttered, and things should be placed in the right areas for balanced energy.

The best method to redesign a bedroom should be the Feng Shui bedroom setting. This is simply the best way to project your bedroom for positivity.

7. Color Matching

No matter the color you decide on for your home when renovating it, a perfect combination of these colors with your couch, curtain, rug, and bed/bed sheet, makes it stand out. Throwing in different colors will create unnecessary tension in the room.

Therefore, it best you should master the art of color combination with your home design to make or break every design you put in your house.

8. Throw In Some Art And Greens

We can’t afford not to mention the importance of art and green plants in a home. When placed in a house, these two take a house design from a low level to a high level. It’s good to know that both art and indoor plants are therapeutic in different ways.

However, try not to go overboard. Primarily for indoor plants, having too much in a room affects our sleep even though it promotes it. If you can’t deal with live indoor plants, you can substitute them for fake ones. Luckily, there are so many cheap fake plants out there that look closer to the real one.


A last reminder when renovating your home is that too much of anything is wrong. It’s best to keep things minimalist and straightforward, so you don’t have to think of renovating it again after a few months.