5 Best Tillers for Your Home Garden

 Photo by Santeri Viinamäki, CC BY-SA 4.0
Tilling is an important process which is required to maintain the quality of soil, while
at the same time ensuring that the plants grow well and the necessary nutrients do reach to its very depth. Previously people used to employ manual tools such as a spade and shovel which did demand a great deal of physical strength as well as stamina.
However now with technology at our disposal, these tools have been quickly replaced by their mechanical counterparts, and we have a tilling machine, cultivating machine and or harvesting machines each of which has reduced our workload by almost half and ensured a greater throughput.
So, in case you are also planning to turn your virgin land into a beautiful plantation and or flower bed, then here some of the best tillers which will help you get the garden of your dreams.
If we do talk about an efficient tiller which can easily satisfy personal gardening needs, then Earthwise TC70001 will definitely be on the top of this list. An electric tiller, Earthwise TC70001 ensures that sufficient space is created within the soil so as to allow the nutrients and air to pass through.  Operating at a power of 120V this tiller does generate sufficient torque to break through almost any kinds of ground and the steel made tines easily move through weeds and or stones thereby removing them completely from the ground.
Weighing a meager 30 pounds, this machine is very easy to handle and control, and the two added wheels at the bottom provide an added support for easy usability. If you do have a soft patch of land which requires a bit of rework, then this tiller may surpass all your expectations. However, if in any case, you are planning to build up a garden on a hard land, then you will require using manual tools to loosen the soil and afterward can use this machine to till the land available.
A gas operated machine Husqvarna is in no manner less than the Earthwise TC70001 we talked about previously. According to Joseph from Tiller Advisor, this machine possesses great strength. Versatility is one feature embedded into the very core of this tiller model which does offer three levels of tilling width accompanied by four depth variations. Cutting through the hardest of surfaces this tiller works wonders with every ground type. Not only is versatility present in the tines of this tiller but the handlebars are also adjustable according to the comfort of the user.
Make sure that you regularly service this machine as gasoline engines have the habit of choking and you wouldn’t have any issues working with this device.
One other alternative for people looking to save on the gas and fuel charges, Troy-Bilt 6.5 Amp Electric Garden Cultivator surely does get the job done. This tiller which can dig to a depth of 5 inches as well as can cover a width of 9 often surprises many with the powerful engine it has. Slow and steady seems to do the trick for this machine which has proven its capability by breaking through the toughest of surfaces. The loop handlebars, as well as low weight, do ensure easy handling of this machine, however, make sure not to operate it at extraordinarily high speed or you might end up wrestling with it as it jumps upward and forwards all the time.
Mantis has proven its capability in designing numerous powerful tillers most of which have live up to the end user’s expectation. Talk to a tilling advisor, and they will recommend you to purchase a product designed by this company. One of the lightest tillers in this category a Mantis 2-cycle Gas Powered Tiller is a compact device designed to meet every project need. Offering both options of deep or shallow cultivation this tiller can break through toughest of grounds without breaking a sweat. The 5-year warranty against any damage to the machine and the lifetime warranty against any damage to tine sure does offer customers a great peace of mind.
Equipped with a 4-cycle engine, the Earthquake Vector Front Tine Rototiller sure can fit into any of your requirements. This powerful tiller which doesn’t require any oil/gas mixture technique is easy to start and work with. Although a bit higher in terms of cost, this tiller sure does dig into deepest as well as hardest of surfaces while at the same time offering a greater efficiency. With 4 adjustable tines accompanied by an adjustable handle bar this product sure has been designed keeping the end user satisfaction in mind.
So, these were the top five tillers which will prove to be a boon for your garden and will ensure you get a fruitful experience in the end.

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