Double Pane vs. Triple Pane Windows: How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

Buying new windows is not easy. Many homeowners face the difficult task of choosing between double-pane and triple-pane windows. Both have high standards of energy efficiency and noise cancellation, and they are similarly easy to install.

So, how do you know which windows are best for your home? Who wins in the double-pane vs. triple-pane windows contest?

We asked the best Ecochoice Windows to settle the debate once and for all. The answers are below.

Which Windows Offer the Best Energy efficiency?

Most houses in Canada depend on the quality of their windows to maintain heat during winter and keep the rooms cool in summer. A high energy efficiency standard leads to better living comfort and lower energy bills.

Investing in top-quality windows can save you a lot of money on energy costs in the long run. But which windows score the most points on the energy efficiency scale?

Double Pane Windows

A house that boasts double pane windows can keep roughly 90% of the heat inside on a cold winter day. Conversely, in summer, the same percentage of heat remains outside and allows to interior to maintain a cool ambient.

Triple Pane Windows

The additional pane increases the energy efficiency of a home by 7%. So, on a winter day, the house maintains 97% of the heat inside. In summer, only 3% of the scorching heat enters the rooms.

Round 1 goes to the triple pane windows!

Which Windows Offer the Best Soundproofing?

The resilience to noise is another critical factor that weighs in the decision-making process when buying new windows. Soundproofing windows are essential in crowded areas, busy streets, or when having loud barking dogs for neighbors.

So, what windows to choose for a quiet home?

Double Pane Windows

When upgrading from single-pane windows to double-pane ones, you notice the difference in soundproofing quality. That extra layer keeps most of the noise outside and your home relatively quiet.

Triple pane windows

You might think that adding a third layer to your windows will stop almost every noise coming from the street. However, that is rarely the case. The triple-pane windows do not increase the soundproofing standard considerably. The difference is almost unnoticeable.

So, if you are looking to replace your current windows, remember that you can stick to lower investment in double pane windows. You will get nearly the same soundproofing experience as three-pane windows but at a smaller cost.

Round 2 goes to the double pane windows!

Which Windows Offer the Best Security?

Regardless of the area where you live, the security of your home is a critical priority. To enhance the protection of your home and family, you need to invest in highly-secure windows that will deter burglars from making unexpected visits.

Double pane window

This type of window has two thick sheets of glass. Breaking through them is difficult, and not too many burglars attempt it. So, we can say that double-pane windows offer above-average security.

Triple pane windows

With triple pane windows, you get an extra layer of security. Burglars would require heavy and noisy equipment to break through them. So, these windows offer optimal security for most homes.

This round goes to the three-pane windows!

Which Windows are Easier to Install?

Ultimately, picking the best windows for your home is not as difficult as installing them. Adorning your home with new windows should be perfect. If you don´t have the necessary experience, you can leave it to the Ecochoice Windows professionals to install them for you.

Double pane window

Installing double-pane windows requires correct fitting and sealing to ensure they function properly. Professional window installers have vast experience in installing double pane windows. Hiring them will take less time and have a smaller risk of damage than if you choose to install them yourself.

Triple pane windows

Triple pane windows are not only larger than double pane windows but also more difficult to install. If you thought you could install the double pane ones yourself, then you must consider professional help to install these.

This time, the double pane windows win the round!

How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

As you can see, both sets of windows have advantages and disadvantages. There isn´t a clear winner between double pane windows and triple-pane windows.

Depending on the area in which you live and your necessities, you will need to choose between the two. If you need better insulation for your home, then triple-pane windows are for you. If soundproofing is more important, then double pane windows should suffice.

Lastly, when it comes to installation, you should always turn to professionals for help regardless of the type of windows you choose for your home. At Ecochoice Windows, we take great pride in providing top-quality window installation services for amazing results that last for decades.