6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

When was the last time you got your windows checked? If you don’t remember, you probably need to do it right now! Most people ignore the signs of damage in their windows. As a result, they suffer the consequences of living with old and incapable windows. However, if you learn to keep an eye on potential signs of damage, you can outsmart this problem and get yourself new windows before it’s too late! Here are six signs that should tell you it’s time for a replacement.

1. Higher Energy Bills

Are your electricity bills higher than before? It’s probably because your windows aren’t working properly. Your windows are designed to hold the warm air from the heaters in and keep that bitter cold outside. If you find the air near your windows colder than the rest of the room, well, they’re letting it in! You need to get your windows checked and ultimately replaced, to get back that warm, snug room you need.

2. Your Windows Look Disappointing

If your windows show signs of deterioration, such as chipping, warps or rotten spots, your window is getting old. Fortunately for you though, repair is possible to an extent in such cases. You must consult a professional window surveyor to come and examine the window for you. In other cases, if you recently got your house renovated, it is probably a good idea to work on your windows too!

3. Extreme Climatic Conditions

Do you live in an area with adverse weather conditions? In such places, windows get weak with time, if exposed to severe storms, hail, snow or rain. These natural factors can slowly age your window and in such cases, you need a replacement before it falls off. Generally, the damage can happen in over five to seven years, depending on the severity of the conditions. We would recommend you to look for additional protection on the exterior, like setting iron bars or metal netting.

4. Too Noisy Outside?

We’ve all been here. From traffic to noisy neighbours, all make equal contributions in ruining the peace that you’re looking for. Well, if you wish to avoid the noise without being impolite to your neighbours, you could try out a new window for yourself. This time, get yourself one which blocks or dampens sound from outside. Look for a window manufacturer who can get you the right window to suit your needs and when you’re done, you may sleep in peace!

5. You Wish To Sell Your Home

If you own a property that’s pretty old or, it just looks a little clumsy, getting new windows can change improve its visual appeal. Getting new windows for your home will give it a newer look, thus attracting more potential buyers to your house. A home with new renovations is also preferred in the real estate and can be priced at a higher rate than one that is relatively old. When you’re adding new windows, you could invest in hi – tech ones, such as energy efficient windows, for a better deal.

6. Your Home Is Really Old

Most people tend to look for physical damages in their windows before considering any plan of action. That should not be your case if you live in a house built in or before the 1970s. If you live in an old building, it is a good idea to get your windows replaced. Newer windows do take away the vintage look, but they come with other benefits such as energy efficiency, thus helping uplift the quality of life.

Windows are an important part of any house. They add a unique and appealing look to it, while being your point of access to the outside world from within the room. It is therefore important for you to maintain them properly. The next time you’re home, look at the window instead of looking out of it. If there’s any sign of damage, it is probably best to get it repaired or replaced before time runs out.

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