6 Facts About Double Glazing Windows

Insulation is an aspect that is increasingly being considered by most homeowners, or those who are looking to buy or rent a house. This is making double glazed windows an increasingly popular option. Double glazed windows are essentially two separate panes of glass fitted together into a single window system, with a thin layer of air or gas in between them. The layer of air in between is meant to act as an extra layer of insulation, helping keep air from outside the house from entering, and keeping the temperature of the house from getting affected by the environment outside. Here are some facts you may not have known about double glazing your windows.

1. Historical Fact

Although this concept is relatively new, the idea of the first double glazed window is much older than you might think. In fact, the earliest form of double-glazed windows was recorded as being used as far back as the 1870s. Some old homes in Scotland have two glass panes puttied together within the same frame, which is a rather backward version of the fused and sealed product that we find in modern homes today.

2. Soundproof

Double glazed windows are considerably more soundproof than single pane ones. This may sound odd, or a little wishful, but there is a scientific reason for it. The two layers of glass as well as the additional layer or air (or, in some cases, argon or another gas) serve as extra barriers for the sound to get through. This is such a popular concept, in fact, that several companies offer to set up double glazed windows purely for the purpose of noise cancellation or reduction. The music system that you’ve wanted to play on full blast for so long can finally be used to its potential.

3. Temperature Control

This is another main reason why most people choose to opt for this kind of window. The main reason for loss of heat in the house during the winter season and gain of heat during the summer is because of the kind of windows. Single pane windows tend to do very little as thermal insulators because glass is a heat conductor, making a single pane a pretty weak defense against the harsh weather outside. Double glazed windows, on the other hand, not only have the extra insulation of one more layer of glass, but the layer of air in between as well. Your thermostat won’t have to work that hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, because the temperature isn’t escaping too much in the first place.

4. Costs and Investment Value

Installing double glazed windows can get quite expensive, priced at roughly 10-25% more than single pane ones. Generally, getting new windows for a newly built home is less expensive than getting a replacement for existing windows. However, this extra cost at the beginning will pay off in two ways in the long term. First, your energy costs will go down drastically because of less thermostat usage (see the previous point). Second, in case you want to sell your house or put it up for rent, the double glazing will add to the value of the house, unless it is a historic home, where any modern fixtures could bring down the value rather than increase it.

5. Variety

Even though double-glazed windows are a relatively new concept, there is a wide range of window designs to choose from. Double glazing is compatible with tilt-in windows allowing for easy cleaning, with fixed windows in case you wish to have windows that only serve to let in natural light, with awning windows that open outward with hinges at the top and many other common kinds of windows.

6. Durability and warranty

Right off the bat, it’s easy to tell that with the extra glass pane, breaking a double glazed window is much more difficult than breaking a window with a single pane. On top of that, however, many windows come with double strength glass, which is basically a slightly thicker slab of glass (yes, it does make a difference). In spite of that, however, most window manufacturers offer a ten-year warranty on double glazed windows.

These are all the advantages of getting double glazed windows for you home. Make sure you do your research and hire a trustworthy contractor to fit your new windows for you. If possible, try looking for someone who comes highly recommended, with a long history of working in your area.

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