Addicted to DIY? When To Step Aside & Hire A Contractor

Can’t resist a late-night rearranging of the living room furniture? Do you dream of impulsively ripping out the bathroom tile or replacing each light fixture in your home by hand? Chances are, you might be addicted to do-it-yourself projects, and the others in your home are probably wishing you would take up a less destructive hobby like golf instead.

We have all been in the middle of attempting a big, messy DIY project and had the sudden realization we’ve bit off more than we can chew. Completing a challenging home renovation all by yourself can feel so rewarding, but how do you know the difference between when you’re headed for a challenge and when you’re in over your head?

With our busy work schedules and home life, home renovation projects can take weeks to complete and are often left unfinished due to botched DIY craftsmanship, frustration, or a lack of time. We’re here to help you know when to roll up your sleeves and DIY, and when to admit you just need to call a contractor.

Roofing + Electrical

Call a contractor. If you are doing major roofing or electrical repairs on your home and are not a trained professional, it can be a huge safety hazard. Safety must always be a top priority when choosing whether or not to DIY. Professionals must get state-licensed and be trained to handle the potential dangers on a job site. If there is a chance you could get injured, electrocuted, or killed, that’s your red flag to call in the reinforcements.

Itching to replace those ugly, outdated light fixtures? DIY your heart out! But any dealings with wiring, call a professional contractor.


For major plumbing repairs, call a contractor. An amateur plumbing job can look easy on the surface and still lead to a serious water leak in your home. If your DIY project has the power to cause untold amounts of damage to your house’s walls and foundation, it’s a safe bet to step aside.

Looking to change the old faucets or unclog sinks or toilets in your bathroom? That’s a great DIY project to take on yourself.

Kitchen Cabinets

Giving the cabinets a fresh coat of paint is a great way to spruce up your kitchen, and updating cabinet fixtures, faucets, or appliances can add new life to your space. These are all amazing DIY projects to flex your creativity and personalize your kitchen.

Considering installing new cabinets? Time to call a contractor! Installing new cabinets is a large and complicated project, and consulting with a professional can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Changes In Structure

If you are considering knocking down that wall to create an open floor plan or doubling the size of the master bathroom, call a contractor! Even the most seasoned DIY enthusiast has to know when to throw in the towel, and making big structural changes in your house requires the patience, experience, and most importantly, the permits of a contractor.

Hate that ugly wall but don’t have the budget to hire a contractor? Instead of knocking it down, paint it a bright color and create a beautiful accent wall. Or, consider adding a large mirror to the wall to make the room feel bigger!


Out of all the costs associated with home improvement, the cost of labor is the most expensive. If you have the expertise to do it yourself, it will always be cheaper than hiring a professional. However, even the most enthusiastic DIY experts need to know when to forge ahead and when to step back and call a contractor, especially when it comes to matters of personal safety.

Remember: just because you can do it yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean you should!