10 Unique Ideas To Decorate Your Living Room

The living room creates the atmosphere for the entire house. In most cases, it is the first room anyone sees and is instrumental in delivering a lasting impression of the household. So, when it comes to decorating, you need to go beyond the basics and create a picture that will give you the best layout and color scheme that will showcase your personality and unique sense of style. Here are ten unique ideas that you can use reflect your personal lifestyle and artistic flair.

1. Lighting
If at all possible, you want to flood the room with natural light. This could include making sure the windows are large enough to bring in more light but it also extends to the kind of window treatments you have. Make sure that you don’t use dark colors for the curtains or drapes, opt for sheer or semi-sheer fabrics to let more light come in.
2. Loveseat
When working with a small space, opting for a love seat rather than a full-size sofa can keep the room from looking cluttered. This works well for those who are living alone; the seating capacity could be more than enough to fill up your space. Add a nice little end table to round out the look. Smaller furniture is always best in small spaces as it gives the room a more spacious look.
3. Focal Point
When arranging the furniture around the room, make sure there is a good focal point to draw in the eye. The focal point is an object that people will focus on as soon as they enter the room. Whatever you choose for the focal point, should face the main entrance so that visitors will be drawn in. Furniture should be arranged with the focal point as the center, it will help you create conversation spaces and manage traffic flow.
4. Go Bold
Don’t be afraid to make a statement by going a little over the top. Adding a touch of formality even with limited space creates a little contrast and generates interest. When you use more elaborate decorations well-positioned around your space you create a sense of drama in the room design.
5. Area Rugs
A good area rug can make or break a room, but you have to get the right size. Choose one too small and your room will look broken and disjointed. Choose one that is too large it can make the room look tiny and cramped. The right size rug for your living room would be large enough for all the furniture to sit on top of it and still have around 10-20 inches of bare floor remaining between the edges and the walls.
6. Go With White
To give your living room a more spacious look, you can never go wrong with white. Painting your walls white can still give you some variety (there are a ton of whites to choose from) and can open up the space and give it a brighter and more inviting look.
7. Make It Cozy
Take advantage of small spaces by capitalizing on its intimacy. Keep seating areas close together and use softer textures to make it more inviting. Consider adding a small plush rug, pillows, and throws. Not only will it be more functional, but it will make everyone feel more a part of the vibe when they enter the room.
8. Add A Touch Of Art
Don’t just decorate the floor space – add some quality artwork to the walls. A few well-chosen pictures and wall hangings can portray your personality very effectively. As mentioned, you don’t need to have an expensive display but consider something that reflects your uniqueness in your decisions.
9. Hanging Shelves
For a more open look, add a few hanging shelves to your wall space. It will give you the needed storage for books, and decorative accents without taking up too much floor space. It will open up the room without the use of large cabinets, tables, and bookshelves so the end result is more refined.
10. Section It Off
When your living room has to serve several purposes at the same time, give each section a purpose. Use furniture to divide one area to serve as the living room, another area for an office, and another area as a dining room. Whatever your needs, by combining everything you need for one function in the same space, it’ll be like creating several rooms out of one.
Trying to come up with creative designs for a living room can sometimes feel overwhelming, but if you already know your sense of style and what reflects your own individuality, you’re already half-way there. Just follow these basic guidelines and you’ll create a look that will be to die for.

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