6 Reasons to Use Custom Pop Up Canopy

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Whether you’re setting up stalls, booths, attending a trade show or public event, or simply want to set something up to protect yourself from the elements… canopy tents may be just what you need. There are a lot of benefits to these handy tools, least of all because of the money you’re saving (compared to the expense of regular marketing materials). Here are several reasons why you might want to consider a customised pop up canopy for your next marketing event.

1. Portable

When you need to disassemble tents in a jiffy, there’s nothing worse than getting caught up on something and losing precious time. Custom canopies, because of their ease of accessibility and portability, make it easy for you to re-use them for different events. Highly making it worth your money. If you’re strong enough (or have more than one person), you can carry them to-and-fro the parking lot. There are also carrying bags on the market that make travel easier.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

If your business mission is to increase the business’ image in customer’s eyes, custom popup tents will help you do just that. They are brand promotion tools in the best way possible – because they are something that everybody sees. Which requires no more effort on your part. Other ways for promoting your brand, and keeping your name in peoples’ minds, is through business cards or websites – although everybody has these and sticking out from the crowd becomes difficult.

3. Installation

One of the primary reasons these are so portable, is because they are foldable. This means they can be installed and uninstalled in less than 10 minutes (if you have enough hands-on deck to help). Depending on the size you purchased, they can be lightweight and can even be carried—by hand—from the parking lot to the pitching area.

4. Durable

Business cards are out. Those marketing materials become expensive to produce, they’re annoying to hand out to everyone you meet, and chances are that potential customers and visitors may not even look at them. That’s why canopies take the cake in this regard. And, because they are durable, they will protect you (and visitors) from the surprise elements should it start to unexpectedly rain. (Some materials are even flame repellant.)

5. Versatile

Are you going to set up at a festival? Indoor expo? Outdoor event? Trade show? Whatever event you’re attending for the day (or night), these canopy tents will flag down visitors anywhere. They fit any situation, in any industry, and can be customised to target any audience niche or demographic.

6. Interest

When you’re taking part in a large event, with multiple businesses, you can bet your bottom dollar that all those businesses are competing for the most foot traffic. The name of the game here is to catch peoples’ eyes and grab hold of their attention. Design is one of the most important reasons to purchase a custom pop up canopy: you can design it with bold colors and dazzling designs.


When you get down to it, there are event tents, shade canopies and garden canopies. Each type of canopy fits a various need according to the type of event. Shade canopies, for example, offer relaxation during sunny days. Garden canopies, as they’re called, are perfect for the garden – due to the mesh screens that keep pests away. Before you purchase a canopy, figure out what you needs are first. This will make finding the one right for you much easier.

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