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    heyy, please suggest me on how i should present my thesis

    My thesis topic is on sports complex along with a multipurpose stadium of 4000 capacity having basketball and volleyball in it.
    i wanted to focus on the site planning and landscaping of the site rather than making it all about stadium but, my thesis guides say that my focus is stadium only as it is the only thing with is actually related to architecture and that the external would be wanting to see more about stadia. i know stadium is an important part of the sports complex but what i really want to focus on is the site plan and landscaping in the site plan.

    also please tell me as to what all drawings should be drawn for thesis.

    i really need help from you please suggest.
    our batch is practically the first batch to pass out so i dont have any seniors to consult with, and since i am willing to get the best out of me and my interests in various fields of architecture i ended up in this forum seeking answers to my questions. i would really appreciate any help from any of you.

    thanks 🙂

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