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    Hi all…

                     Can u plz help me out f some data regarding my thesis topic, its " National institute of fashion technology"..? ur comments…regarding d same..

                     n plz n bless me frm any datas f case study..litrature study n ol…plz..

                     give me a mail…. id is:

                     thnks 🙂



    well certainly i wud help u regarding this.. but even i too need help..

    ma topic is gaming and animation center, u hav ny info abt it plz fowd me to


    hi hafsa..

                    k i wil searchng fr ur topic.. damn sure some thng i’ll gve regardng same..

                    well thnks fr replyng. 🙂

                    wil b a nice deal.. hehe

                    b in touch… tc 🙂


     he he thanku…

    sure gimme two days tym surely will give u ur things…:):)


    hey sry i were busy somewre… m stil searchng fr ur topic.. yr as such softcopy me mila toh nhi h..

    wel my dessertatn topic is "eco-architecture or say "eco-infrastructure …n m sure kuch toh milega hi certainly..

    plz do help me.. by throwing some ppts n case study..


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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