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    I’ve passed out from 12th this year from DPS RK Puram, Delhi. I’ve dropped a year to prepare for the NATA and AIEEE entrance exams. I’m going to go all to get admission to SPA, do you have any recommendations as to where I should start, or whether there are any classes in Delhi for these exams? How did you guys prepare for your entrance tests?

    I’ve got nine months with no school, so I think if done systematically, it is very much achievable. Knowing how much difference good teachers make, I want to start out with the best ones.
    BTW, is there any kind of reservation at Delhi students a la DCE for SPA?




    Well, if I’m not wrong, most of the guys at SPA didn’t particularly prepared for AIEEE architecture course or NATA. They studied for IIT but between they gave exams for AIEEE engineering and architecture course.

    I don’t know if there is a particular preparation center for getting through to AIEEE engineering colleges. My recommendation is that if you are good at logical ability and maths with simple drawing skills then you can make it to good architectural colleges.

    A comprehensive answer can only be give by SPA students in this case, which you can find in this forum. 


    To get SPA, you have to get your basics clear in mathematics. My advice is to do all the ncert questions of maths understanding the importance of each step of solution but dont only limit yourself to ncert and try a bit of iit level questions (dont need to master them, but understanding the advanced questions makes you clear the basics easily).

    Dont be worried as the level of questions asked is not to high..just get your basics VERY CLEAR….

    Regarding logical reasoning questions, they are to be performed out when you confront them, dont waste time trying out those sorts of questions for too long…

    Best of luck for your preparation.


    So you think there is no need to join any kind of classes for it? Of course each person must be at their own level, but do you think self study can get you there?

    I’m not looking beyond SPA, I want to make sure I do all I can do to give the paper properly.

    Any basic achitecture books requiring reading? Are there any architectural concepts asked in the papers?

    Now that I have a year, I want to get rank 1. So, I want to cover all my bases.

    Thanks a lot though, these are the clearest answers I’ve received yet. It’s very very difficult to find out any information of this sort on the internet.

    I read somewhere that SPA are facing closure due to some NATA business, any truth in those rumors? Also, what’s the quizzing scene at SPA like?


    SPA –> Shutdown? NOWAY!

    Then who will design India’s modern super structures?


    And what about the topics related to 3d fig, i saw they often ask to tell the different view of 3d fig and to tell various sides of fig.

    How to tackle those question?.


    hey friend, i read your post today and i am really curious to know about wheather you got admission in SPA and your status? because i also have a story kinda like you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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