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    Hey friends.

    I am a student of 3rd sem B.Arch…..

    I am home for vacations, got this software archicad 11. Wanted to learn something new, so started with it on my own.

    Now the problem is that, they give us tools like library for furniture and other object but i feel that these are based on the lifestyle of west.

    It doesn’t suit you when you are designing an Indian residence, like you won’t get a dressing table in the list of furniture.

    Now can anyone tell me plz that is there anyway one can design its own furniture in this software or any site or top-up software that works with it and can give me more choices….

    Plz do help…


    You can make your own furniture in Google Sketchup 6 which is freely available for download or u can use 3Ds max. But sketchup is good and easy to use. Then you can import it in archiCad.

    I’m in 3rd sem too at IDEA, Goa. We use this softwares right from our 1st year on our laptops.  And all the work is done on computers.

    You can have alook at our work or can take part in our discussions on our college

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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