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    We all know that there is an extensive and vast study on all types of slums and also the rehabs for them. But is this really working because a visit to "Mankurd, Mumbai" slums rehab doesn’t prove that the slum crowd is shifted to any better conditions, not talking of the mentality of those people who live in slums but the housing that is constructed in just awful.

    The space between 2 buildings is just too less thus no sunlight reaches there creating a stingy passage and many bad conditions like this. Is there any way out of it?


    Slums are also in cities like "New York" and "London". No government in the world has enough resources to acquire land, construct buildings and provide other required facilites to slum areas.

    I was involved in a serious dicussion on slums. The outcome of discussion was nil. But what I came to know was that it is impossible for any government in the world even to provide 50% of their slum proper housing facilities because land is limited for rapid growing population.


    That’s true but the effort that they take can be much better right, if they have already provided services like good roads, water, electricity then why not a better housing?


    People living in slums should be given better housing.. It is no use to make housing societies where there is no sunlight entry and has awful living conditions…

    If government is saying that they will provide the people living in slums with flats in "Grand Residential Complex"…then better not to build the complexes like this (one which are being made) just for the sake of MAKING..and saving the rest land for some other purposes which will make them earn money…

    Its really shameful..


    Yes, they (government) should provide better housing and all other necessary facilities to people living in slum areas.

    But the actual question is whether India is capable of providing housing facilities to all the people living in slums or not? With the corruption and population growth rate at hike the condition that we might see in future will be more than worst than that we’re seeing now.

    I agree with both of you that their should be at least an initiative for providing good housing facilities. Even though if we make it to provide 20% of the slums a better housing, it will after all contribute to the whole economy of the country.


    What role do you play as architects for all this except from blaming the government?

    Because its like a chain, you blame the government the government blames someone else and it goes on.

    akshada wrote:

    What role do you play as architects for all this except from blaming the government? Because its like a chain, you blame the government the government blames someone else and it goes on.

    I’m not trying to blame anyone. I’m trying to say that providing good housing facilities for people living in slums are required but government itself is not self-sufficient.

    shadow wrote:

    Government itself is not self-sufficient.

    I don’t think so. The money which the politicians eat up on their own if is made to be used for the progression of the country then many things can be done and even not the politicians even the general people become corrupt whenever they get chance.


    See i feel corruption and problem of slums are realy diffrent issues so not mix up with those.. 

    Why don’t we think of radical change rather than a gradual change….  See if slums ar illegal. Then it should be removed and  the people should be forced to leave from the place they came…

    This could be done by giving them incentives and oder stuff and seriously it is the problem of rural to urban migration which is the source of slll this stuff.. If we can provide better job opputunities, in rural areas, i am sure there would be less migration and development of private sector of economy that is agriculture..

    Which is solution to many things… Need to frame policy …S


    The problem Mumbai is facing is not slums but CONGESTION. Congestion of traffic, congestion of space, congestion of people, congestion of everything. The solution to this problem is to decongest Mumbai. If mumbai gets decongested, the slums will automatically disappear. nobody wants to live a restricted life, everybody wants freedom and space.

    Ofcourse, the quality of living of poor people even after so much investment would not improve a great deal but yes the slums would disappear. the only way of improving the quality of life of poor people is to decrease the poverty line and to reduce the no of people under poverty line (which can be done only by increasing the Gross Domestic Product index of the country or in short, by creating a communist govt.). Well, the govt is taking attempts for decongesting Mumbai, the whole Navi Mumbai region is the solution to mumbai’s problems.

    As architects, i would say, we cannot really do much about the slums of mumbai or any region till we get the commission of a slum rehabilitation project, but as responsible citizens, yes we can. So next time, use your voting right juditiously and vote for BJP if you want a slum free and secure Mumbai.


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