Is B.Planning a good stream under SPA in matter of placements?

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     *firstly people dont get mad on me….saying "this site is for architecture not for planning"…yes i know that…but state of too much confusion has forced me to write in this place*

    so the point is…my AIR in b.arch/plan2011 is "OPEN 1582"…the seat i’m getting in SPA,delhi till round 5 is b.planning 🙁

    my engineering seniors and 12th frnds say "its a very bad stream..job scope is very less…and you have to study alot like masters degree then u r finally settled somewhere..not like B.ARCH where once you are a graduate you get an awesomely paid jobin the very begginning"

    i kno under my rank i can manage some NIT atleast in b.arch…but SPA,delhi is "SPA,delhi" i suppose….whatsoever architecture or planning…

    so can somebody experienced person help in this??M in a terrible state of confusion….


    1.whether b.plan graduates are placed well in SPA??

    2.if placed then how much is the pay….are the salaries same as b.arch graduates or very less than them?

    please help me seniors having idea in this 🙁


     i hav kinda sme prob u kno.i got SPA for b.plan as per last year closing and opening rank. bt i donno shud i go fr the "SPA brand" or "NIT b.arch" i hav rank arnd 2000 can anyone help me> ? 🙁


     awwww 🙁 i heard it doesnt has much scope after bachelors degree as compared to b.arch…but SPA brand name might b having some magic in it attracting students only near 2000s


    not many people knw but planning in spa is upposed to be the best in india..its better than architecure too.According to many spa is supposed to third best in the world..

    Well neway.u shudnt join because of that. It shud depend on your interests. architecure is much more depanding than planning but planners get the government jobs. also one third architects end up doing masters in planning. planning has also got a lot of scope abroad. its also got to do with a shortage of planners.thats on the job part.



     Sana i think you should go for what you are interested and not on the name.also go for NITs only if u wl be gettin trichy.u cn also get CCA i guess so try that.


    yeah, b.planning in SPA will b the best course for u………!!! best of luck…..!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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