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    Dhwani Sunku


    I graduated 12th grade in 2012, I took up an engineering seat in haste and totally hated it. Complete waste of time.

    I now have zeroed in on doing architecture. I need to know what the cut off ranks for the top architecture colleges is. Also, what is the pattern for  the new JEE BArch exam? 

    Does SPA have a sprawling social and cultural life? What is the annual fee? Is teh JEE exam the only form of entry into the course? DO they have exchange programmes or such where they send you abraod? How good must your sketching be to enter the college? 

    Im a mediocre artist, with barely enough time to improve on sketching. I would really like to go to one of the best colleges and I have been working to get there. Answering these queries would really help me. 

    Thankyou so much. 


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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