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    Hello Friends

    I need your help guys. Actually the problem is I have a design assignment (first) in which I have to work on 120 sq. yards house. So what I have done is I determined my objectives and then Concept. My concept is life in terms of celebration (In fact creating mood of happiness) so I am stuck off in space designing. I planned some spaces but it look very static so then I realized that there has to be dynamism. So i want your help how can I create dynamic spaces which gives the feeling of celebration of life. I can create mood by colours, textures etc. but my teacher told me first your spaces have to reflect your concept then you work on colours and all that stuff they are additional.

    Design Objectives:

    • Good quality light
    • Ventilation
    • Different vistas
    • Privacy within open spaces
    • Light dramatic effects.

    The plot is North facing and wind direction is South-West. Total area is 27×40 feets while we have to leave compulsory open space which is 5 feets from front and 3 feet from back so the left space is 27×32 feets.


    I think you should go through some good books such as "Form, Space and Order" by D.K Ching.

    In which year are you anyways..and which college? Talking of dynamism..create something which give mind a sense of might have noticed that whenever you see anything which makes your mind to think (either knowingly or unknowingly) is dynamic.

    "A straight line is static while a slightly oblique line is dynamic."


    This is my first design assignment and I am from Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi, Pakistan.

    I made some development plans in which I used lines at an angle (which also helps in ventilation) but my teacher is saying that this is the most easiest thing you can do. Try to work and play with space dynamism. Dynamism doesn’t mean only to put planes or walls at an angle. It is more than that.

    He said that I can have middle height spaces, subtraction etc. to achieve my goal. It can also create dynamism , instead of making walls oblique which is distorting space.

    I have Ching’ book but the problem is I am confused how it will help me?


    By saying that i didnt mean you to make lines at angles… I was only giving a very simple example of dynamism that how a tilted line in elevation can look to be dynamic.

    As this is your first design problem, the only way for you to get what you want is reading more and more as in architecture there is no simple rule to solve problems. Read and experiment, give more time to applying (draughting and sketching) your ideas.

    Ching is a very good book. Try to understand the illustrations, you will learn a lot from it.


    It doesn’t need that your design should always has a concept. Your strategy to make your design work better than others using climatology, function, anthro etc. also can be your concept.


    What i feel in order to create dynamism is that you should play with levels and curves.


    Playing with each levels differently and applying curves is the way to add dynamism in your work.



    I have already done the same thing as you are telling me to play with levels and my design has been finalized thank you so much for posts but clear one thing what do you mean by curves (curved walls or roof?)



    You won’t find solution in any of the books. What i feel is that every building should be unique..

    It is simple as you don’t have two same personalities, two ditto faces.. then you can’t even have two same buildings. So for that u have to think like your client because the spaces you gonna design is for your client.

    So if you are not having your objective (client). Then choose one.. Any great personality, and profession (any thing). And think as that person thinks about every spaces in your unit and i am sure you are gonna end up with a masterpiece.

    Lots of luck..


    Thanks, i think thats a good suggestion.

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