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    As we all know friends that architecture is a very vast subject and everyone has different views about it….What do you feel..? Is it all about money or about passion..In my case, its all about money with a little bit of passion (with no commitment)..{hope someday it will start being of my interest but not for now.}

    I know its not very good..but what about you..?


    Yes my friend, it is not very good at all if you are doing architecture only for money. Money is also important but what is most important is the passion and commiment that you have for it.




    There are so many ways to earn money. But only architecture is the place where u can earn money with passion. May be a person who is not an architect can earn more money but only an architect can earn money with passion….


    One more thing i would like to add on my comment, architect can give a new look to a place.

    So, most important thing to do is something new and to make good contribution to its own place.


    A person who has passion for something when he finds his utmost pleasure in doing that thing….that is not only about is about every thing..if you have passion about something then you will not need money..because you are satisfied by your work…people need money when they don’t know what passion they have…


    Doing something that you love the most is passion……… and while fulfilling this passion there is satisfaction…. and if satisfaction is achieved……. you reach great heights in terms of everything may it be money etc. so its entirely your call on it. Do what you like first and then you’ll like what you do automatically…..Wink


    Dude, do anything you will earn money…money is not always everything..passion is life and passion in architecture is like…heaven..fell it..dude.


    Both. Money and passion. If I don’t find a work interesting then I wouldn’t be continuing it further and if the work doesn’t pay me a good income then again I won’t be continuing it anymore. For me its both passion and money.

    One more thing, if anyone finds both money and passion in ones work then it is the best work in the world that one can find.


    Forced to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get….

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)
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