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The problem Mumbai is facing is not slums but CONGESTION. Congestion of traffic, congestion of space, congestion of people, congestion of everything. The solution to this problem is to decongest Mumbai. If mumbai gets decongested, the slums will automatically disappear. nobody wants to live a restricted life, everybody wants freedom and space.

Ofcourse, the quality of living of poor people even after so much investment would not improve a great deal but yes the slums would disappear. the only way of improving the quality of life of poor people is to decrease the poverty line and to reduce the no of people under poverty line (which can be done only by increasing the Gross Domestic Product index of the country or in short, by creating a communist govt.). Well, the govt is taking attempts for decongesting Mumbai, the whole Navi Mumbai region is the solution to mumbai’s problems.

As architects, i would say, we cannot really do much about the slums of mumbai or any region till we get the commission of a slum rehabilitation project, but as responsible citizens, yes we can. So next time, use your voting right juditiously and vote for BJP if you want a slum free and secure Mumbai.