no.. it doesnt matter sbout

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no.. it doesnt matter sbout how much u have scored in paper1.. its totally different.. for architecture they only see the paper 2.. if u do good in paper 2 then u wil get spa…but i think it would be better if u dont come here.. see currently there r few major problems.. it may or may not get solved in future.. so i m just warning u bout this…
matter with UGC is something like.. according to them spa lacks infrastructure, faculty .. n many other things… so they had given spa a timeperiod..  within which they have to improve evrything… which seems impossible… so dey can remove the status of deemed to be university of spa.. result,  dey may merge it with delhi university.. n then they wil change its curriculum etc… even i dont know the whole exact matter.. u can ask rohit.. as hes senior to me so he may have better idea bout this matter.. see i cant discuss the whole matter here.. it would be better if u see any other gud college along with spa…..