I would say she needs to find

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I would say she needs to find new friends.

If she wants "normal" people to hang out with, she shouldn’t be hanging out with architects. Architects, like all artists, can not be considered "normal". Yes, just like painters talking about their works, architects like to talk about what they’re working on, especially because it "may never get built." And that is also why they are so proud to point out a building that DID get made.

I think she’s just bitter because, unlike her doctor and lawyer friends, her architect friends don’t get paid nearly as much as people think they do. And so they can’t buy her nice things. And she also doesn’t see eye to eye on art. I think she spends much too much time equating things to genital references.

EDIT:  I found her site online and looked about.  She seems to be a very sarcastic person in general, and many works are not really working toward a specific point.  She is like a strange modern "artist" who uses words instead of images–you can see the whole collection and not leave any more enriched than you were.