–adiwall–with ref. 2 ur


–adiwall–with ref. 2 ur last post–

The AIEEE arch entrance test is made up of 3 parts.

1.Maths Geometry questions (30, to be precise;none in NATA)

 which is absolutely and undoubtedly essential, i’m sure you’l  l agree. totally missing from NATA.

2. Arch aptitude questions(about 30 again; 3-5 in NATA)……..excellent questions, truly check your perception quite effectively. Again, such well framed quest. r missin’ from NATA.

3. Drawing tests(mindya full 100 marks, 3 questions in this part!! No less a measuring scale in drawing abilities…….;NATA has mostly these quest.)

!!What I’m tryin’ to emphasize is that NATA has NO scale to measure one ‘so essential’ geometry and calculative skills, AIEEE Arch. beating it full and out!!

Though i’d like to agree with you that a better test should be coined…….start a forum on this one!!