Which is your favorite color?

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • White
  • Black

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  1. Rohit says


    • You are athletic,


    • You are athletic, impulsive, sexy and quick to speak your mind, regardless of the consequences.
    • You need to be well informed and involved, sometimes wishing to be the center of attention. Though you are given to emotional ups and downs, you passionately believe that life is meant to be happy and exciting.
    • Most always optimistic and stimulating, people who prefer this color are animated leaders and want to experience the fullness of living.


    • If orange is your favorite color you are adventurous, good-natured and determined… work and play are done with intensity.
    • You tend to be social, friendly, charming and hate to be alone… therefore, you are blessed with many friends… yet, that one solitary mate may elude you.
    • Success in business comes naturally to this gregarious and agreeable individual.


    • If your favorite color is yellow, this indicates that you have a yearning for the new and the modern… and that you look forward to the future.
    • You are inclined to be intellectual, idealistic, spiritual and highly imaginative. Yellow is the color of the curious, creative and artistic individual.
    • As yellow is warm and luminous, you also have a cheerful disposition, an expectation of greater happiness and tend to find the ‘joy’ in almost every encounter.


    • If green is your favorite color, this indicates stability, balance and persistence. When you start something, you finish it.
    • You are a good citizen, a respectable neighbor and a concerned parent, always doing the right thing. You tend to be frank, moral and sensitive to social etiquette.
    • Very intelligent, you understand new ideas; however you do not wish to take risks. Your reputation is highly important to you.


    • If you like the color blue, you have a basic need for a calm, harmonious and tension-free existence.
    • You are capable, conservative, trusting and strive to be cool and confident. Always a conscientious worker, you have a highly developed sense of responsibility.
    • Basically a gentle and sensitive person, you form strong attachments and are the most trustworthy of friends.


    • Should you like violet, you may believe that you are set apart and unique from others, you enjoy being creative and glamorous.
    • You are highly sensitive and observant, always looking for beautiful surroundings, and would prefer a world of fantasy to that of reality.
    • It is very likely that you are highly artistically talented, but hand in hand with that is the fact that you may be quite temperamental.


    • Pink is welcomed by the affectionate and concerned individual. Gently, you offer love, attention and nurturing to those in distress and needing guidance.
    • Romantic and demure, pink recalls a time of youth, affection and refinement. This individual may wish to wrap themselves in a world of dreams, protected from the harshness of reality.
    • Talent abounds in this individual; however, they are never over ambitious. Their nature is gentle, subtle, thoughtful and serene.


    • If you prefer the color teal, you are generally a sensitive individual who has cultivated a sophisticated sense of fashion.
    • Exacting and meticulous regarding details leads to your excellent taste and reveals a character of discriminating style.
    • Trusting and optimistic, your views for the future are of high hope and constant faith. You are charming, sensitive and refined.


    • Should you take comfort in brown… this may signify that you are a conscientious, dependable and steady individual. Your character is one of reliability, duty and responsibility.
    • Inner security and harmony are goals to which you aspire; however, you sometimes conceal real emotions, wishing to remain in control.
    • Your serious nature illustrates that you place value on honesty, quality, comfort and home. A strong need for security and a sense of belonging is very important to this individual


    • The individual who chooses white as a favorite color prefers simplicity and the innocence of their youth.
    • This person seeks perfection, constant enlightenment in all philosophies and searches for happiness.
    • You are inclined to be a bit critical and fussy which makes you a cautious buyer and a shrewd investor…this person strives for all that is best.


    • Those who prefer black may be conventional and conservative or would like to be considered serious, sophisticated and dignified.
    • You carry yourself with dignity and you are inclined to conceal your real personality and emotions from others.
    • This individual may welcome prestige and an air of mystery to surround them.

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