What would you like to do after you get a B. Arch. degree?

  • Start my own firm rightaway.
  • Join a firm to practice and gain some experience.
  • Go for a "M. Arch" degree.
  • Architecture is fun, but I would like to do my own thing..


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  1. Anonymous says

    I think after completing
    I think after completing B.Arch M.Arch. is also important,coz u can join any architecture firm after completing ur M.Arch.,and it will be easier for anybody to get into a firm.

  2. Anonymous says

    its not about gettin into a
    its not about gettin into a firm or havin one’s own !! archi bein a vast subject ,its about learnin the foundations and basics of archi b4 applyin it wisely !!

  3. rajms says

    actually it depends on the
    actually it depends on the situation……if u had time 2 study then go 4 m.arch……….otherwise 1st gain some xperience then open ur own firm

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