Police Station – 3rd Sem.

police station

Its a model of police station…

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  1. Rishi says

    very very interesting
    very very interesting topic—–can u tell me your design processes and your ideas about the design——-tel me wat makes your police station different from lacs of others——-whats wit the main door—-wats wrong with the gable end of wall—-why are there so less windows on the first floor—–plz add a human and a strong base, enhances your model presentation to a great height——-can u show more context——–ok ok do reply—–This is rishi vora,student ,mumbai(vora.rishi@gmail.com)

  2. gautam says

    beautiful approach, try to
    beautiful approach, try to avoid flattening the roof near the edges. thats the beautiful part. try to exploit the overhangs, since ur using sloping roof. Overall, good approach. Remember, simplicity gives elegance in modern design.

  3. sreevani says

    thanks for ur inputs
    thanks for ur inputs guys……..
    but now im into last sem of b.arch, if i design it today,i’m sure the exterior will be much better and even the model.
    rishi@ the second flr has all the lock up rooms,where the security is must.i planned it with indirect ventilation and full security.the rooms for which windows have been provided are the locker rooms for the police(constables in specification).

  4. kunalkotwal says

    wats the actual role of the
    wats the actual role of the gable wall…is it only to add that Administrative building look…coz it succeeds in that…any other thought???