Play School Design Block Model

shashank play school model
  • The play school has 6 play roomswith 3 functional rooms and a official block.
  • Each room was kept seperated from another so as to give individuality to each one of them.
  • They were placed as clusters to encourage what we say as “public interactivity” among kids.
  • Stuffs like play pool, sand pit, wood house, OAT are also designed in very specific places and will be added to the main model soon.
  • The arrangement of clusters create small spaces on the sides which are visible from the centre to motivate the kid to play around the whole and still allowing the teachers to have an eye on the students.
  • The library block at the back has its own exterior space wherein teachers can read stories to the kids. It is quite covered and shielded from the main play space so that kids don’t have a problem concentrating on the story and when they are with the teacher they listen to them.
  • The entrance to the school looks like a lions face to promote kids to come to the school.

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  1. sagaroke says

    Hey.. Great job man..

    Hey.. Great job man..
    Very nice arrangement and a completely different concept..
    May i know which college you are from?

  2. shaddysha says

    Thanks buddy…..

    Thanks buddy…..

    I’ll soon add the final sheets for this too…..

    I am from SPA Delhi…

  3. sakshi kh says

    Hey… Very innovative i must
    Hey… Very innovative i must say…
    What material have you used?

  4. sephjokim says

    What is your
    What is your concept?

    Can you show me the elevations?? I really need someone’s help..
    Can you help me think of a concept for the playschool..??

  5. shaddysha says

    I am really sorry i am late
    I am really sorry i am late for this….

    But still ..

    I read a book on a child’s psychology and i found certain things like how a child perceives the environment around him. How he interacts with people close to him.

    He can’t focus on a big number at a single time. So, class was divided in 3 groups of 6 each which were close enough but were oriented towards the teacher, which looked like a monster for a 80 cm ht. kid.

    So, the elevation over the teacher was increased to counter the relative bigger teacher…

    This can be seen in the section and plan both……

    I’ll upload it sometime…

  6. shaddysha says

    i should tell u guys…..

    i should tell u guys…..
    pu is a dangerous material …

    it is used in as a thermal insulator in appliances like fridge….its now harmful there bcoz its packed up nd heated on the surface…
    or else its surface always keeps on shedding these very small particles of itself s which can cause cancer…

    actually it is this property which model makers use…much easier to rub n get a shape in comparison o thermocol….


  7. kunalkotwal says

    kan u plz tell the book where
    kan u plz tell the book where u studies the child psycology part…n plz put up the further drawings…it wud be great help….

  8. Anonymous says an architecture an architecture student and my final project for this sem is a playschool design.Im having a bit of a difficulty getting a concept for this.your understanding of a playschool has helped me a bit……………………………could you please suggest something that would help me get a concept thanx


    may i know where 2 ask 4 tis
    may i know where 2 ask 4 tis material?
    in whic shop may i get tis material?

  10. shaddysha says

    as i have told earlier
    as i have told earlier …this is an industrial material…wont find in normal shops….
    in delhi…u have to go to okhla or shahdara….

    they come raw as “PU pillows” or come in sheets of various thicknesses…

  11. Anonymous says

    we are working on a

    we are working on a playschool for one of our client. Could you provide me some floor plans. It will be a great-great help from you as we are doing this kind of job for the first time.
    Thnx in advance

  12. Anonymous says

    Good concept, I am here while
    Good concept, I am here while surfing net and searching for designs, concepts for Playschools as i am about to start one, with 5 classrooms 12’x18′, 2 on GF, 3 on FF have an open space of about 900 sq.ft. for landscaping, slides, baby swimming pool, sand pit so, need help on designs, new innovative concepts can any1 help.
    Regards, Jaideepraj, Daman.

  13. Anonymous says

    a great composition of
    a great composition of blocks…as u mentioned abt ur study on child psychology so can to plz put ur drwngs to make us undrstnd in a btr way…grt job thgh…

  14. ar_megha_arora says

    yaa.. bt i joind archinomy
    yaa.. bt i joind archinomy jst a few days bck.. 🙂
    soo.. cudnt see ths before.. ;P

  15. Anonymous says

    We are redesigning our

    We are redesigning our play school in Kolkata.

    Moving from a rented place – we have taken a small two storey building – lil old so all set for internal rework..

    How can i avail your assistance or suggestions for designing the same…

    Warm regards,

  16. Anonymous says

    can you please upload

    can you please upload your design sheets too. please.
    please. please.

    thankyou 🙂

  17. Anonymous says

    Im in the process of


    Im in the process of opening a play school and would like to get some guidance and services from you.

    Please send me your contact number.