Lamp Model

lamp shashank 0

Last year graphic exercise…

Supposed to design a lamp shade only in white paper..

It took me 3 days to cut the 60 pyramidal structures and to glue them point point by point..

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  1. Rishi says

    hey dude nice lamp—nice
    hey dude nice lamp—nice piece of craft actually–but could you upload more pics of the lamp with the light inside so that we better understand the quality of light coming from your lamp—i am attaching pics of lamp i had done in my first year—do comment

  2. Vaiz says

    yeah i agree..until n unless
    yeah i agree..until n unless u put light inside d lamp n check light effect one will not be able to understand the quality of light. newayz good effort shaddysha…!!

  3. Karlstar says

    hey this is incredible! can
    hey this is incredible! can you teach us how to do it? it looks like a Japanese origami=)