Future City

future city

This is the world of our future and we make them happen.

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  1. Rishi says

    i know ……if we dont stop
    i know ……if we dont stop the deterioration of architecture now,this is how our future cities would look……..its not interesting,its annoying to see such surface-oriented architecture evolving these days……….

  2. Rohit says

    haha.. actually Rishi you are
    haha.. actually Rishi you are right, although it many look “interesting” but such “things” are real sad result of architecture. The thing is, people don’t understand that living in such places is not an achievement to be proud, actually its the only way to “live” in some cities which is sad.

    I feel that for a guy living in 50th floor, it will be like being traped in a housing cell.

  3. aparna_kumar says

    earlier a building was
    earlier a building was surrounded by trees..but now sadly a tree is surrounded by buildings 🙁