Cubing the word-(1st year basic design exercise)


A word was to be selected from a given set of words like motion,serenity,claustrophobic,etc.Using only cubes,a model was made depicting the selected word…..The word i selected was ‘motion’,and this is the model…..taking inspiration from the water falling from a height into a glass container………………

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  1. Rishi says

    concept is the word that
    concept is the word that architecture students gulp in more than any one else…..what excatly is a concept….2 years into this field i still struggle to find a proper answer……..think your answer is resolved???? do share

  2. nihal galathia says

    @rishi I think it’s word from
    @rishi I think it’s word from d. k. ching. even I also had done this kind of thing in 1st yr to understand the meaning of words from fso.