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Two more interesting images posted below.. watch them out..

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  1. pallavi says

    Hi Adiwall,
    You are

    Hi Adiwall,

    You are absolutely right..
    This image is actually edited, its nor real and god forbid if it is real then it could be from anywhere…
    Not necessary from india only….am i right??

  2. victus_maestro says

    That wouldn’t be too bad…as
    That wouldn’t be too bad…as long as it was an abandoned railroad track…

  3. pallavi says

    Even i don’t know about this
    Even i don’t know about this “creation” . i received it in my mail and just thought of sharing it with others…doesn’t it make a funny image?????

  4. Rohit says

    For the below
    For the below images…
    Pardon me if i am wrong, but isn’t this image photoshopped??

    Anybody can make designs like this…

    And if this is real, then this must be somewhere in India…

    Maybe the train delays became so large, the local govt. bodies granted permission for const!!! hehe..