Innovative Solutions: 5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Home Electrical Outlets Less Visible

When you finally get your own house, your first interest is surely to decorate the space to your liking. We all have our own aesthetics that we wish to fulfill, but piecing the puzzle together doesn’t come without its difficulties.

One essential element of every house is the power outlet. As useful as they are, especially in this day and age where technology is so deeply integrated into our lifestyles, they can ruin one’s desired image of their home.

With wires plugged into them for whatever purpose, power outlets can end up tangled and look messy. This is an eyesore, and if you’re as obsessed with the subtle details as we are, this problem must be dealt with! In this article, you can find 5 creative ways to keep your home electrical outlets less visible. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Invest in Pop-Up Power Sockets

We all know that power outlets and wires can be a chore to deal with. Even when we don’t need them, they are still ruining the image of our rooms. Luckily, with the increasing need for electricity, power outlets have also evolved to meet people’s demands! Enter the pop-up power socket.

These nifty gadgets can be installed anywhere around your humble abode. Whether you want it popping out of the kitchen counter or from your walls, pop-up sockets can be installed there, offering the same utility as regular power outlets. The only difference is that they are much more convenient, as they can disappear when you aren’t using them.

So, how can you get these? Unless you have adequate experience, pop-up sockets are best installed by an expert.

Whether you’re in need of an electrician in Miami or elsewhere in the country, there are firms available with professionals prepared to take on the job! Although it might cost you a little, getting it done will take you one step closer to reaching your artistic goal of decorating your home.

Smart Placement of Furniture

One of the most creative ways to keep your home’s electrical outlets less visible is by placing your furniture in places that hide the power outlets and the cords accompanying them. This has been a home design trend for quite some time, and people’s creativity never seems to fall short!

When thinking of where you want to place your furniture, try to place it in places that completely cover up power outlets or in a way where the outlets are less visible but remain just as convenient to access.

Furniture, such as bookshelves, sofas, or artwork, can be cleverly placed in ways that make them seem natural while also solving the issue of keeping power outlets out of the direct line of sight.

For example, you can build a book shelf around a wall with a power outlet so that it blends in while also offering you the chance to plug in a reading lamp or a charging cable for your other electric devices. Another trick is to place the power outlet inside a cupboard. This enables you to access it whenever you like, but it won’t stand out like a sore thumb in the middle of your room.

Put the Spotlight on Decorated Walls

Here’s a thought: You’ve just moved into your new house and want to decorate your perfect living room to your heart’s content. But there’s this existing power outlet in the middle of the wall. So you’re stuck between deciding to leave it be or hide it behind some furniture, which, however, would make it a hassle to access it when you need to plug something in.

This is where you need to let your mind find a creative way to keep your home’s power outlet less visible, especially since you don’t want to abandon the utility you can get out of it completely. The plan here is not to hide the power outlet but to keep the eyes distracted by other things.

An eye-catching wallpaper with a unique design will get the job done! You can accompany that wall and match its aesthetics with the right pieces of furniture, and the power outlet will quite literally remain hidden right in front of your eyes! Sure, since you know that the power outlet is there, it won’t be too difficult for you to find it, but your guests are bound to be clueless!

Don’t Neglect Cable Management

For many beautifully decorated homes, cable management is one hindrance that just doesn’t seem to go away. Often, we find someone’s house all neat and clean, with everything being where it should be, except the electrical cables lying out in the open.

This is an eye-catcher, but not the good kind! As cables and power outlets go hand in hand, the creative way to keep your home’s power outlets less visible is to make the cables themselves less visible.

There are many ways to do this, but the most important is tying up your cables. This can be done with tape or with zip ties. Afterward, you can try to route the cables so that they aren’t fully visible.

For example, you can tie up and route the cables of your computer so that all the cables are behind the desk and aren’t visible from where you sit. The same can be done for TVs and other electrical appliances you won’t be moving around much. You can go one step further and purchase cables that match the color of their surroundings; coloring them is also a viable option.


We all want to design your home and decorate everything according to your desires. Power outlets have value, and discarding them is never an option with how much we rely on technology nowadays. However, we can still take steps to make them stay in the background with the creative techniques listed above.

We hope this article has provided effective solutions for you, and we wish you good luck creating a space that defines you!