Top Home Design Trends to Expect in 2023

With only a few months left for the new year to arrive, the excitement and anticipation regarding the emerging trends in residential architecture have been high.

The wait is finally over!

Let’s unveil the hot trends in home design that will emerge in the year 2023.

1. Skylight Roofing

Simple roof designs are expected to give way to more innovative roofing features in 2023. One particular design trend that’s gaining popularity is skylight roofing.

Now that a variety of materials are available, skylights have become far more versatile and affordable. The most popular material choices include fiberglass-reinforced plastic and polycarbonate.

Architects are more confident in experimenting with a skylight made of polycarbonate sheets. Multiwall polycarbonate sheet is easy to customize and comes in a wide variety of finishes and colors. It can also be molded or cut at the construction site to suit the needs of the building design. 

Seeing the trend, we can expect transparent, translucent, or even opaque skylights. The roof structures can range from flat-form to dome-shaped, paneled, or curvilinear. 

2. Rooftop Landscaping

Rooftop gardening caught up as a popular trend in the year 2022 is here to stay, but with a slightly flexible approach.

Many homeowners are keen to include the terrace space for living. The demand has naturally led architects and home designers to create homes with a terrace garden or a rooftop deck.

Glass railings around the balcony of an apartment or along the terrace border of an independent bungalow are ideal for a splendid view of the surroundings. Wooden flooring, a patio-like seating space, a few potted plants and artificial turf are some other features that complete the rooftop landscape plan.

Architects can complement the design with a low-maintenance water feature and some ambient lights.

3. Pet-friendly Features

Pet-friendly home design is another trend expected to rise in the coming year.

Several modern American families share their homes with house pets. These families are seeking new homes that address some special needs of their furry friends. Popular features include a dedicated entryway for pets and a cozy nook for the pet bed.

Some interesting inventions catering to pets can also be seen especially in luxury homes. These range from pet-friendly staircases to play areas and pet baths.

Of course, designers have to keep pet safety and house maintenance in mind when they plan the home interiors too. 

4. Stone and Metallic Accents

Stone and metallic accents will be favored in architectural and interior designs in 2023.

These materials are easily adaptable to various design needs, be it for the facade, the flooring, and the walls. 

For instance, granite, marble, or other natural stone in the front elevation can give a touch of magnificence to traditional architectural designs. Whereas steel or zinc facades can work great for contemporary designs.

Similarly, the terrazzo technique can be used to enhance the character of indoor or outdoor flooring. 

Gold-plated panels can also be included for more lavish projects like celebrity homes.

5. Dramatic Color Schemes

A home’s interior design reflects the homeowner’s individuality. Probably, that’s why the new generation of home designers seem more inclined towards bold color pallets that break the norm.

This trend leads us to believe that modular homes with dramatic color schemes will gain much popularity with new homeowners in 2023. 

We expect high contrast in interiors like black and white walls or darker hues like royal blue, maroon, and bottle green. These color themes work best for homes with huge rooms.

6. Emphasis on Common Spaces

The trend for grand home offices is on the decline. These days families prefer bigger rooms and more open spaces in the house. 

As such we can expect homes with huge living rooms and dining areas in the coming years.

While a small office room or workspace within the bedroom is necessary for those who continue to work from home, architects can expect clients to favor home designs with big family rooms. The focus would be on creating inclusive spaces where the whole family can spend time together. 

7. Nature-inspired Interiors and Lights

We will see furniture and light designs inspired by nature. The charm of this kind of interior design lies in merging aesthetics and functionality.

Expect chandeliers inspired by grapevines, floral arrangements, tropical leaves, or a flight of birds; or furniture boasting intricate carvings showcasing natural elements. The decor items, especially, will appear more earthy and elemental. 

In modern minimalist interior designs, a close association with nature can emerge through wall art, pinecone or stone decor, and indoor greens. A statement wall with a fireplace or a single captivating geometric chandelier in wood can give the perfect modern look.

We can also expect further refinement in the biophilic design movement and witness more complex designs along the trend.

8. Impressive Exteriors

As budding architects experiment with materials and external finishes, the year 2023 will most likely bring out new and interesting textures and designs in home exteriors.

Covered porch designs, glossy-finish decorated entryways, and wooden or dark-colored sidings will lead the way for more elaborate front elevation plans. 

We can also expect creative experimentation in color choices for home exterior paints like nautical stripes, color blocking, and vibrant shades of red, blue, or green.

9. Eco-friendly Designs

The new design trend that we expect will stay hot and trending for years to come is sustainable eco-homes.

We will see many more homes designed with a focus on energy conservation and sustainable use of resources. The focus will be on creating designs that allow homeowners to minimize their electricity consumption. Expect architecture that combines solar panels and underfloor insulation. 

Architects will also favor sourcing raw materials responsibly and minimizing waste during construction.


The new year will witness a shift toward homes and families that are closer to nature. 

Pet-friendly environment, energy-efficient houses, and common areas will be homeowners’ priorities. Skylight roofing, terrace landscaping, and extraordinary exterior finishes will also be a highlight of residential architecture in the coming year.