How The Interior of Your Home Defines You?

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You would be surprised at how much the interior of the home says about you as a person and how you live your life. There’s nothing quite like looking at the interior of someone’s home and relating the decorations, colors, and arrangements to their personality. Most of the time, these items are going to line up exactly to that how that person interacts with the world. For example, if the house is extremely neat and put-to-together, that homeowner is most likely someone who loves organization, but may be a bit more up-tight. Or if there are tons of bright colors everywhere, then that homeowner is going to be pretty extroverted and have many friends.
What do you think your home says about you? Well, we’re going to go through some of the items in your home and what they say about you down below. Keep reading to learn some more!
Your Lifestyle
So, the first thing that the interior of your home is going to say about you is what your lifestyle is like. Let’s take a look at a few examples. If your home is pretty clean and spacious, then you like to have your life more organized. If your house has a pretty logical layout with tons of minimalistic designs, you live your life in a more logical manner and like to keep things simple. You also probably love planning and making sure that everything is in its place.
If you’re someone who loves getting outside and spending time with nature, then your home is probably going to be a huge garden, full of plants and flowers to bring that nature into your home. These types of things are super important for you to consider whenever you are decorating and styling your home. When the interior of your home matches your own lifestyle choices, you’re going to feel a lot more positive and at-home.
The Colors
When it comes to the colors you use in your home, this is really going to define what you’re like in your daily life. There’s actually a lot of science behind the colors we like and how that relates to our personalities. As mentioned before, those people who love bright colors that pop and make big statements are likely to be more extroverted with their personal relationships. Those who go for a more neutral color palette with cement tiles and other simplistic designs might be more introverted or not like to show off as much.
Whatever the colors you choose to decorate your home with, you should ensure that they make you happy and comfortable when you’re at home. This is going to ensure that you’re actually enjoying your time in your house, rather than looking at that bright yellow wall and always wishing it was a more neutral color.
The Accessories
Next up, another important part of your home that gives people a glimpse into your personality are the accessories you add around the house. These small decorations can say a lot about you, even if you think that they’re not that important in the overall aesthetic. For example, if your home is a more neutral tone, but there are some bright yellow flowers sitting on the table, this might say that you’re more positive and optimistic about life even though you’re more introverted. Or if you have a ton of photos around the house of your family, this means that you really care about the personal relationships in your life. What do you think these small decorations in your home say about you?
Your Experiences
The experiences that we have in life have a strong impact on the interior of our home and what we have around it. Think about it. If you travel a lot to see the cultures of the world, what do you think is going to be included in your home? Well, you’re probably going to have tons of trinkets and souvenirs from your travels scattered around. Or if you’re someone who loves photography, you probably have some picture frames around the home that shows off your best work. When you go over to one of your friend’s houses next, try to spot what experiences they may have had in life and how that’s shown through their interior decoration.
Your Relationships
The last piece of your life that’s shown through the interior of your home is the relationships you have with other people. If you’re a household with tons of children, then the interior of your home is definitely going to reflect that. Or if you are spending your time and space with that one special someone, then your home is going to reflect the shared interests you both have. Really interesting, right?
Next time you view the interior of someone else’s home or think about re-designing your own home, try to think about these points and understand what they might say about the homeowner’s personality. It’s more than likely that you’ll be able to tell a lot about yourself or that other person just from the interior of their home! How cool is that?


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