Traditional House in Neshabur, Iran

Traditional House in Iran

  • Neshabur is one of the big city in North-East of Iran.
  • It has a warm mild climate so it usually does not have cold winter.
  • Today texture of city is not too old, but still we can see some traditional houses which were used as residence and still it is being used for the same purpose.
  • In this city before 45-50 years ago the houses were built like courtyard, but as the culture changes the structure of the house also changes and courtyard changes.
  • The building which is studied is one of this type and it was built 45 years ago.


  • Face of the house is to north because of the Neshabor’s climate and the system which architect used at that time is to get the natural light and heat during the day.
  • The house built on two floors.
    • First floor
    • Under ground floor


  • This floor is nine steps above the yard and is used during the winter time.
  • It has windows all around it to take winter sun light inside.
  • Thickness of the wall is too much to control the inside whether.


  • Under ground floor is 18 steps below the yard.
  • All the windows are in one level by yard with a height of 1 meter.
  • This floor using during the summer time and windows can take in good light during daytime but the rays of the sun can not coming inside the house directly as the windows of the room are higher and near the ceiling.


  • As compared with the other old court yard houses, this house have yard around it, but there is a 3meter wide corridor inside the house and all the rooms built around it.
  • So we can see something same as court yard system but in this case court yard changed to corridor.


  • The main bedroom built in the middle of the house and faces towards south and has good light during day time.
  • This room have a nice curved walls and size of this room is bigger than other rooms.
  • There are two more rooms in south side.
  • Living room is in left side of the house and it has a window in all side except east.
  • Face of another rooms and kitchen are towards north.
  • Entrance of this building is also to north side.
  • There is another entrance in the west side which is used for servants.


  • Because this house is not too old, the material which is used for building were bricks and wood.
  • Bricks are used for the structure of the building and wood is used for the frame of the doors and windows.


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