Top 15 Solar Powered Homes in the US

Solar Power
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If you haven’t gotten on the solar power trend, then you had better hop on board before the train leaves the station. Solar power is getting more affordable every month, considering significant investment from the government and private corporations. Solar power is going to be one of the main renewable energy sources of the future, along with wind and others.
If you’re interested in seeing some of the most popular solar-powered homes in the United States, keep reading down below. Maybe these will give you a bit of inspiration as to how you can implement solar power in your own home!
1. Gibsonia, Pennsylvania Residence
First up, we have an absolutely stunning solar-powered home in Pennsylvania. This house is absolutely massive and would therefore not be the best for an urban setting. It’s surrounded by nature and therefore, the solar panels fit right into the environmentally friendly feel of the property. The solar powered system gives the house 15.4 kW worth of power. Because of the design of the house, the solar panels fit right into the overall design of the house.
2. Cannon Beach, Oregon Residence
Next, we’re going to move over to the West Coast with a truly environmentally friendly home found in Oregon. This house is perfect for those who love living off the grid and right in the middle of nature. With a curved roof, the solar panels fit right into the overall design. The entire house is very sustainable and everything was built with the environment in mind.
3. Santa-Rosa, California Residence
Next up, we have a house in Santa-Rosa, California, which utilizes 24 black solar panels. This makes the total power equal to 6.72 kW. The solar panels are a bit more noticeable on this house, but it doesn’t affect the overall design aesthetic too much. In fact, this may be a good thing because it makes the house look a bit more unique when compared to others in the suburban neighborhood.
4. Corte-Madera, California Residence
The next item on this list is one that fits right into the California vibe. The small number of solar panels on the roof (they’re barely noticeable) provide plenty of energy for this family that lives here. And this is perfect in California where energy bills can go through the roof thanks to super-hot summers. Thankfully, this house will never have to worry about too many cloudy days with the 4kw panels.
5. Ventura, California Residence
This small house in Ventura just recently turned to solar in 2010. The panels generate enough electricity to power the entire house and provides enough power for the electric cars that this family owns. That’s right! Solar panels on a home can also be used to power electric cars that you might have parked in the garage.
6. Marnella, Oregon Residence
The next item on the list is more of a mountain rental home or a winter vacation home than one you might live in year-round. This home in Marnella is right in the middle of the mountains and allows you to stay off-the-grid while you stay here. The solar panels provide plenty of electricity, so you’ll never have to worry about not having the power to run the heat in the winter.
7. Shea, Arizona Residence
Shea is an area that sees plenty of plenty of sunlight throughout the year, so houses like this one are perfect for solar panels. More and more people in Arizona are embracing solar panels as a way of taking advantage of the super bright sun all year round. Plus, these solar panels fit right into the desert style of many homes in the area.
8. South Boston, Virginia Residence
Moving back over to the East Coast, we have a house that sits on 58 acres of pristine property. This house is super unique and costs a pretty penny to buy. However, there are great solar panels installed on the roof that are hidden thanks to its clever design. With the solar power, the domestic water is heated and the floors are heated thanks to a radiant system.
9. Earthship Farmstead
This next house is one that’s super unique when compared to the others on the list. Earthship Farmstead actually has a green area as the roof of the home, where sheep and other farm animals can graze. How cool is that? It’s no wonder that solar panel has been used to power this house, making it a super environmentally friendly place to live.
10. Seattle, Washington Residence
This next house in Seattle is super environmentally friendly, thanks to the usage of sustainable materials in the building process and of course, the solar panels. Everything is powered by these solar panels, so families living here don’t have to worry about anything concerning their electricity needs.
11. Southern California Solar House
In Southern California, there’s a solar house that’s absolutely fit for those who are into luxury homes. There are solar panels installed on the top of the home, which goes to show that you don’t have to spare luxury in order to be environmentally friendly. Both can go hand-in-hand!
12. Highland Solar House
Next up, we have a house that has a contemporary and simplistic design, where solar panels fit in perfectly. There are plenty of windows and white walls included in this design, so the energy savings are going to be incredible, even past the usage of solar panels.
13. Ridgeline Solar House
The Ridgeline Solar House design is going to save you an estimated $1,000 on energy every year. This modern house has a super simple design and looks great with the included solar panels that are installed on the roof.
14. Rhododendron Solar House
The design of this next house doesn’t allow for solar panels to be installed on the rounded roof, but that shouldn’t stop you from installing them on the grounds or on a carport.
15. North Carolina House
Moving to North Carolina for the last item on this list, we have a house that has solar panels that have been specifically designed to fit the aesthetic of this environmental oasis. The solar thermal panels are used to heat domestic water and a heated floor system. This house is the perfect example of mixing a sustainable design with a more luxury, modern look.
All of these houses go to show that solar panel can work on any house design at any price range. No matter what kind of house you have, you should definitely think about installing solar panels to save money on your energy bills and help out the environment while you do that.

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