Planning A Village

Why a plan is needed?

It is very important to leave room for a village to grow larger. A village might spread to the other side of a main road if nothing is done to stop it. If this happens, the village becomes two villages instead of one.

So, by having a plan and not letting everyone build wherever they wish, the village can be kept to one side of the road only. Villages should not be too long and thin. People should be able to visit their friends and go to the market, church or school without a long walk.

Position of the main road.

If a new village is to be built, it should be placed far enough away from the main road to be safe from the dangers of passing traffic. A strip of land could be left between the road and the village, and planted with grass and trees.This would keep the dust of passing traffic from getting into people’s eyes and mouths. It would help to keep away such things as flies and disease germs which traffic might bring.

But if an old village is already built on both sides of a main road, a by-pass road could be built outside the village for the traffic that us nit stopping at the village. A strip of land should be left between the village and the new by-pass road.


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    Hi, I was just browsing &
    Hi, I was just browsing & located your site. I’m really interested since I’m basically in the process of working with new village development models whereby we assist villages in Fiji in proposing new changes in village structures and to have scheme plans etc. Please keep me updated and informed.


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